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Research Capacity Resources

During 2007 and 2008, TLRP commissioned resources from experienced researchers to share their expertise more widely using a Creative Commons license to guarantee free, open access.  TLRP’s resources were designed to celebrate the diversity of forms of research and scholarship in a complex field like education.They include, for example, work on philosophical enquiry as well as on more conventional social scientific research methods. 

TLRP’s capacity resources remain available on the present site.  They can be accessed through Resource Contributors, the Resources Index or in relation to the four elements of ESRC’s 2008 Postgraduate Training Guidelines.  These concern:  Foundations, Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis and Communication and Impact.

As the end of TLRP’s capacity award approached, complementary resources from AERS, NCRM and the RDI were integrated into the system.  The whole set was then transferred to BERA to provide a sustainable facility for educational research training and support.  So that future provision can be assured, BERA has established an Editorial Board to maintain quality and an Advisory Group to engage stakeholders.  The resources can be viewed and searched on the BERA site here.

These resources are freely available for non-commercial educational use under a Creative Commons license. This requires attribution of authorship, but enables the materials to be elaborated, edited and drawn into course structures or other outputs.  Universities, colleges and others can use the material to support teaching and other capacity building activities.








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