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Communications and impact

Engagement with users throughout the research process and effective communication for maximum impact on policy and practice has been a defining feature of TLRP. For this reason, TLRP has specially commissioned a number of guides on research communication and impact, with practitioners.


Communicating new knowledge to practitioners by P.Cordingley

Educational research commissioned by/for policy audiences by L.Saunders

Supporting teachers' engagement in and with research by L.Saunders

Resources from RCBN and Journal: communications and impact by C. Taylor

Additional Resources

Most TLRP research projects reported on aspects of the ethical, philosophical or other foundations of educational research, so please use the search facility to explore further, but here is a small selection of resources in this area drawn from the TLRP database:

Yee, W; Andrews, J (2006) Professional researcher or a 'good guest'? Ethical dilemmas involved in researching children and families in the home setting
View DSpace Record   

Macnab, N; Thomas, G (2007) Quality in research and the significance of community assessment and peer review: education's idiosyncrasy
View DSpace Record   

Elliott, J; Lukes, D (2008) Epistemology as ethics in research and policy: the use of case studies
View DSpace Record   

Desforges, C (2000) Familiar challenges and new approaches: necessary advances in theory and methods in research on teaching and learning
View DSpace Record   |   View Resource

Nixon, J (2005) Education for the good society: the integrity of academic practice
View DSpace Record   |   View Resource

Carmichael, P; Youdell, D (2007) Using Virtual Collaboration Environments for Education Research: Some Ethical Considerations
View DSpace Record   |   View Resource

Biesta, G (2009) Educational Research, Democracy and TLRP
View DSpace Record   |   View Resource

Thomas, G; Gorard, S (2007) Quality in Educational Research
View DSpace Record   |   View Resource

Waltz, M (2007) The relationship of ethics to quality: a particular case of research in autism
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