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Resource Index


Ethics and educational research: philosophical perspectives by D.Bridges

Educational Research and policy: epistemological perspectives by D. Bridges

Understanding researchers' career development by A. Brown

Resources aimed at helping researchers build their careers by A. Brown

Methodological Paradigms in Educational Research by M. Hammersley

Ethics and Educational Research by M. Hammersley and A. Traianou

Philosophy as educational enquiry and critique by P. Standish

Resources from RCBN and Journal: foundations by C. Taylor


Research Design

Social Networks by A. Brown

Practitioner Research by A. Campbell

Researching how children learn gender by C. Paechter

Auto/biographical and narrative approaches by P. Sikes

Post-Structural-Feminist and Queer Action Research by Deborah Youdell

Analysis of teacher-learner and learner-learner dialogues, and their role in
the aquisition of skills and understanding
by Andrew Tolmie

Resources from RCBN and Journal: research designs by C.Taylor

The use of large scale data-sets in educational research by K. Hansen & A.Vignoles

Historical methods applied to higher education policies and practices by D. Watson

Experimental Designs by Stephen Gorard

Researching Teachers’ Lives and Careers by Jennifer Nias

Participant Observation:  Some Sources of Ambiguity and Tension by Jennifer Nias


Data collection and analysis

The sociocultural analysis of classroom dialogue by N Mercer

Resources from RCBN and Journal: data collection and analysis by C.Taylor

British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) data analysis by P. Lambe

The use of large scale data-sets in educational research by K. Hansen and A. Vignoles

Technology-enhanced research: Educational ICT systems as research instruments by Richard Cox

Communications and impact

Communicating new knowledge to practitioners by P.Cordingley

Educational research commissioned by/for policy audiences by L.Saunders

Supporting teachers' engagement in and with research by L.Saunders

Resources from RCBN and Journal: communications and impact by C. Taylor





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