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Open contributions:  Sessions on the first and third days of the conference are being kept fairly open to provide space for contributions to be provided by research colleagues attending the event.  This is a ‘responsive mode’ way to build the conference programme and the basic idea is that every individual among the projected 120 delegates offers a contribution on a major finding, issue, theme or challenge deriving from their project, thematic or network activity. These contributions must be represented in a very short paper of up to 500 words.  On the basis of these contributions, the Directors’ Team will finalise the conference programme to maximise opportunities for discussion, debate and exchange of ideas in respect of cognate topics.  If groups of colleagues particularly want to present in symposia of any particular sort, they should organise this independently and report this plan to the TLRP office when submissions are made.  120 presentations will then be clustered using break-out rooms within three major sessions.  This will provide opportunities for a 15 minute presentation from each delegate followed by discussion.  The Directors’ Team will try to create coherence, shape, balance and progression from whatever we are given and it will be interesting to see what is offered!  To this extent, the conference will be in the hands of everyone attending!  What ‘big idea’, ‘challenge’, ‘finding’, ‘concept’ or ‘reflection’, etc could you offer?

Open contributions should be in the format of:

Contact email:
Text up to 500 words:

Please send contributions to Sarah Douglas, by Friday 15th September.

Policy and Practice theme contributionsThe second day of the conference will be in more ‘deliberative mode’ based on a sustained opportunity for TLRP and AERS teams to engage with Scottish policy-makers and practitioner organisations and to relate educational research to contemporary priorities (illustrated by, but not restricted to, the Scottish context).   It is an opportunity to explore, face-to-face, the ways through which policy and practice can be ‘evidence informed’.  Extensive preparations for this event have led to the identification of three focal themes:

  • Learning
  • Equity
  • Transitions’

Representatives from a wide range of Scottish organisations are being consulted about major policy and practice challenges within these themes.  The results of this consultation will be summarised during August and a short statement about each of the three themes will be distributed to all TLRP and AERS investments by September 20th.  It is then expected that each project, thematic or network team will prepare a short written response to at least two of the three themes.  These responses will be collated and distributed as part of the conference pack.  

At the Conference there will be a two hour slot for each theme.  Each slot will begin with a short introduction to the theme by a policy-maker and researcher, followed by workshop discussions and finally various forms of plenary (a Q&A panel, a debate, some drama).  At the end of the day, there will be a review of the key issues raised for aspirations for evidence-informed policy making and practice.

Policy and practice theme contributions should be in the format of:

Policy and practice theme:
Project/thematic initiative/network name:
Contact email:
Text up to 1000 words, including a 100 word abstract:  The text should, in particular, show how the research can illuminate understanding, highlight issues and contribute to appropriate decision-making.  We recognise that it is unlikely that simple ‘what works’ answers will be provided!

Please send contributions to Sarah Douglas, by Friday 14th October .

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