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 Dr Deborah Youdell

 Institute of Education
 Univeristy of London
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Critical Pedagogies Project

Dr. Deborah Youdell (Institute of Education, University of London)


Many education practitioners and researchers are turning, and returning, to critical pedagogies looking for tools to help them respond to social diversity and pursue social justice.

This site aims to assist in this process by:

  • providing a repository for and source of information about education practices that can be characterised as ‘critical pedagogy’ that are currently taking place in formal and informal education contexts nationally and internationally
  • offering a forum for practitioners engaged in, or wanting to develop, such practices
  • enabling analysis of  the various ways that critical pedagogies are conceptualised and enacted as well as the effects of these


About Critical Pedagogies
The notion of critical pedagogy is often connected to pedagogic methods that aim to open up learners’ understanding of their social and political context, understandings that are seen to underpin social and political transformations. A range of pedagogies concerned to enable social and political change have been developed and explored in practice: Contemporary critical pedagogies include:

Critical Pedagogy
Feminist Pedagogy
Critical Multicultural Pedagogy
Queer Pedagogy
Productive Pedagogy
Enabling Pedagogies

These critical pedagogies incorporate a broad range of practices, goals and political and intellectual underpinnings. What is common across them is their concern to pursue social justice in and through pedagogic practice.

Critical Pedagogies Workspace
Click here to join the workspace and tell us about your work, share resources and join discussions. All information posted on the site is available to all users to draw on as they wish, including for research. For this reasons it is very important that you set up your user account using a pseudonym and that you do not name any people or institutions that you work with directly. A full ethics statement is available to view on the site and all users are asked to sign up to the User Agreement. 

Critical Pedagogy 
Critical pedagogy is most often associated with the practices developed by Paolo Friere in Brazil in the second part of the last century, and subsequently taken up and translated for Western contexts by educators, scholars and activists such as Michael Apple (Cultural Politics and Education, Official Knowledge), Henry Giroux (Border Pedagogy), and Wilfred Carr and Stephen Kemmis (Becoming Critical).


Feminist Pedagogy
Feminist writers have argued that the early critical pedagogic work did not recognise the importance of gender inequality and its own masculinist stance and worldview. Educators such as Carmen Luke and Jennifer Gore worked to revise critical pedagogy so that it benefited from the insights of feminism and could be used as a feminist as well as critical tool(Feminisms and Critical Pedagogy).

Critical Multicultural Pedagogy
Inspired by Critical Race Theory, this work has asked whether critical pedagogic practice can take account of and counter race inequality. Educators have developed critical multicultural pedagogy to this end (see Sonia Neito’s Affirming Diversity).

Queer Pedagogy
Queer and deconstructive pedagogies are underpinned by an appreciation of post-structural ideas about the circulation of power and its productive capacities. They seek to destablise the discourses that limit what is possible in educational settings and expand ‘who’ it is possible to ‘be’.  (see Susan Talburt’s Thinking Queer).

Productive Pedagogy
Developed by Bob Lingard, Alan Luke and colleagues’ as part of a major pedagogic project sponsored by Queensland Department of Education in Australia (Teachers and Schooling Making a Difference). The work was subsequently revised and taken up in New South Wales

Enabling Pedagogies
Enabling pedagogies are being researched and developed by a team of researchers and educators at the University of Western Sydney led by Bronwyn Davies.




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