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Principles into Practice

The downloadable publications below were sent to all UK schools

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Teacher's Guide (Welsh)


DVD Booklet

& Pedagogy

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Schools projects contributed to the following Commentaries



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comm sci
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& Pedagogy

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TLRP projects have published books through Routledge in two Series:

nunes il Improving Learning Series
james ip Improving Practice Series
Improving Literacy by Teaching Morphemes
Edited by Terezinha Nunes and Peter Bryant with Ursula Pretzlik and Jane Hurry
Learning How to Learn: tools for schools
Mary James, Paul Black, Patrick Carmichael, Colin Conner, Peter Dudley, Alison Fox, David Frost, Leslie Honour, John MacBeath, Robert McCormick, Bethan Marshall, David Pedder, Richard Procter, Sue Swaffield, Dylan Wiliam
Improving Schools, Developing Inclusion
Mel Ainscow, Tony Booth, Alan Dyson
Improving Primary Literacy
Martin Hughes, Jane Andrews, Anthony Feiler, Pamela Greenhough, David Johnson, Mary Scanlon, Wan Ching Yee
Improving Subject Teaching
Robin Millar, John Leach, Jonathan Osborne, Mary Ratcliffe
Promoting Effective Groupwork in the Primary Classroom
Ed Bains, Peter Blatchford, Peter Kutnick, with Anne Chowne, Cathy Ota, Lucia Berdondini
Improving Learning through Consulting Pupils
Jean Rudduck, Donald McIntyre

Improving Learning How to Learn: Classrooms, Schools and Networks
Mary James, Robert McCormick, Paul Black, Patrick Carmichael, Mary-Jane Drummond, Alison Fox, John MacBeath, Bethan Marshall, David Pedder, Richard Procter, Sue Swaffield, Joanna Swann, Dylan Wiliam

Improving Classroom Learning with ICT
By Rosamund Sutherland, Susan Robertson, Peter John

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Research Briefings

These Research Briefings contain an overview of schools projects research and findings:
No. 1 - Towards Evidence-based Practice in Science Education 1: Using diagnostic assessment to enhance learning
No. 2 - Towards Evidence-based Practice in Science Education 2: Using diagnostic assessment to enhance learning
No. 3 - Towards Evidence-based Practice in Science Education 3: Using diagnostic assessment to enhance learning
No. 4 - Towards Evidence-based Practice in Science Education 4: Using diagnostic assessment to enhance learning
No. 5 - Consulting Pupils About Teaching and Learning
No. 6 - The Development of Inclusive Practices in Schools
No. 10 - 5-14 Mathematics in Scotland Intensive Quantities: Why Primary School Mathematics needs Them
No. 11 - Improving pupil group work in classrooms: A new approach to increasing engagement and learning in everyday classroom settings in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
No. 13 - Fractions: difficult but crucial in mathematics learning
No. 14 - Why morphemes are useful in primary school literacy
No. 15 - Supporting Learning with ICT in pre-school settings
No. 17 - Learning how to learn - in classrooms, schools and networks
No. 18 - Building thinking skills in thinking classrooms
No. 19 - Using computers to enhance learning
No. 20 - Factors that make teachers more effective across their careers
No. 21 - From black boxes to glass boxes
No. 22 - Enhancing primary literacy and mathematics through home-school knowledge exchange
No. 24 - Effective pre-school and primary education: Findings from the pre-school period
No. 33 - Interactive Teaching and ICT
No. 36 - Consulting Pupils on the Assessment of their Learning

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The Following Specials issues have been produced by TLRP Schools Projects
Educational Review, The Role of Awareness in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2, (59) 2 [May 2007]
Education Review, Home School Knowledge Exchange in Primary Education, (58) 4, [Nov 2006]
Educational Review, The Potential of Listening to Pupils, (58) 2, [May 2006]
Research Papers in Education, Learning how to Learn, in Classrooms, Schools and Networks, (21) 2, [2006]
Educational Review, Interactive Education, Teaching and Learning in the Information Age, (57) 4, [Nov 2005]
Research Papers in Education, Teacher Learning, (20) 2, [2005]

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Other Publications
Follow the links below to further schools based publications
Practitioner Applications
User Summaries

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