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Post compulsory, post-secondary or further and higher education and lifelong learning projects contributed to the following:

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  Widening Participation in Higher Education Education 2.0? Designing the Web for Teaching and Learning Effective learning and teaching in UK higher education Higher Skills Development at Work


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TLRP projects have also been published in the Routledge Improving Learning Series :

nunes il Improving Learning Series

Improving Workplace Learning
Karen Evans, Phil Hodkinson, Helen Rainbird, Lorna Unwin

Improving Learning, Skills and Inclusion: The Impact of Policy on Post-Compulsory Education
By Frank Coffield, Sheila Edward, Ian Finlay, Ann Hodgson, Ken Spours, Richard Steer
Improving Learning Cultures in Further Education
By David James, Gert Biesta
Improving Workplace Learning
By Karen Evans, Phil Hodkinson, Helen Rainbird, Lorna Unwin

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Research Briefings

These Research Briefings provide an overview of individual post-compulsory or post-secondary further and higher education projects including workplace and lifelong learning research and findings:
No. 7 - Improving Learning in the Workplace
No. 8 - The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning 1 - a pilot systematic review and meta-analysis
No. 9 - The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning 2 - a randomised experiment in the Continuing Nursing Education
No 12 - Improving Learning in Further Education: a new, cultural approach
No 16 - IT for Education Research: using new technology to enhance a complex research programme
No. 23 - Education, schooling and learning for life
No. 25 - Early career learning at work
No. 26 - Understanding and Enhancing Learning Cultures in Community-Based Further Education
No. 28 - Policy, learning and inclusion in the learning and skills sector
No. 29 - Engaging teachers, engaging learners: Action research as a context for developing inclusion in secondary schools
No. 30 - Reviewing Reviews
No. 31 - Learning and Teaching at University
No. 32 - What is learned at university? The social and organisational mediation of university learning
No. 34 - Making it work: Collaborative working to meet the needs of young people at risk
No. 35 - A Values-based Approach to Teacher Education
No. 38 - Keeping Open the Door to Mathematically Demanding Programmes in Further and Higher Education
No. 39 - Widening Participation in Higher Education: A Quantitative Analysis
No. 40 - Combining Policy, Organisation and Progression in Further and Higher Education
No. 41 - Learning and teaching for diversity and difference in higher education: towards more inclusive learning environments
No. 42 - Degrees of Success: Learners’ transition from Vocational Education and Training to Higher Education
No. 43 - Non-participation in Higher Education: Decision-making as an embedded social practice
No. 44 - The Socio Cultural and Learning Experiences of Working Class Students in Higher Education
No. 46 - Disabled students’ learning in higher education: Experiences and Outcomes
No. 47 - Learning to Perform: enhancing understanding of musical expertise
No. 48 - Learning in and for Multi-agency Working in Preventing Social Exclusion
No. 49 - Learning to Teach in Post Devolution UK
No. 50 - Harnessing everyday literacies for student learning at college
No. 51 - Learning Lives: Learning, Identity and Agency in the Life Course
No. 52 - Inside Further Education: the social context of learning
No. 53 - Are we witnessing the rise of high skilled, low waged workforce?
No. 54 - Vicarious learning and case based teaching: developing health science students' clinical reasoning skills
No. 55 - Improving Working as Learning
No. 56 - New teachers as learners: a model of early professional development
No. 57 - Investigating Musical Perfomance: Performance anxiety across musical genres
No. 58 - Older People and Lifelong Learning: choices and experiences
No. 59 - Adult learning in the workplace: creating formal provision with impact
No. 60 - Putting Knowledge to Work: Integrating work-based and subject-based knowledge
in intermediate-level qualifications and workforce upskilling
No. 61 - Investigating Musical Performance: How do musicians deepen and develop their learning about performance?
No. 62 - Mapping the ripples: An evaluation of TLRP’s research capacity building strategy

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A number of special issues of Journals have been produced by TLRP post-compulsory projects, including:
International Journal of Research and Method in Education, Quality in Educational Research, (30) 3, [Nov 2007]
Oxford Review of Education, Learning in and Across the Professions, (33) 4, [Sep 2007]
Journal of Vocational Education and Training, The Impact of Policy on Learning and Inclusion in the Learning and Skills Sector, (59) 2, [2007]
Mind, Culture and Activity, Learning and Technology at Work, (14) 1&2, [2007]
Curriculum Journal, Learning Outcomes Thematics Group Special Issue, (16) 1, [Mar 2005]

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Other Publications
Follow the links below to further, higher or post-compulsory education and lifelong or workplace learning projects and publications:
Practitioner Applications
User Summaries

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