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Routledge Books

N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

TLRP/Routledge Improving Practice series (A4) Books

In addition to our agreement to publish the TLRP Improving Learning series books, which is a particular element of the Programme's overall output strategy, there will be an opportunity for project teams to discuss with Routledge the possibility of publishing books in the Improving Practice series.

These books will be the most practical form of publishing output and will focus on practical ideas and activities for practitioners and students to use with learners in the classroom or other learning environments.

A framework of presentational principles is proposed for these books, below, which is intended to ensure a level of cohesion across the books and provide a trustworthy and recognisable house style to the whole collection.

Cover design
The covers of the books would reflect the main design elements of the Improving Learning series, so lending cohesion to the projects published in partnership between the TLRP and Routledge. Please click on the link below to see three examples of cover design for the series.

Sample covers

Length of each book
A maximum of no more than 35,000 words and no less than 28,000 words has been agreed with Routledge. This would give us around 100 pages.

Primary reader audience for the series
Practitioners, teachers and students.

Writing style
These books should contain practical information for practitioners, teachers and students to use with learners. It is critical that these books are written in the most accessible way and that only minor reference (apart from a standard section providing guidance on further sources of information) should be made to the research projects or other published literature, as this will have been covered in other publications. What we are looking for here is the 'condensing' of practical information from the projects into useable and valuable ideas for best practice.

Structure, signposts, sentence length, 'voice', would all need to be considered. It would be appropriate to address the reader directly as 'you' throughout.

Structure for each volume
The structure for these books is more flexible than the Improving Learning series and should be developed in consultation with the appropriate Editor at Routledge. It is likely that the books will offer a recognisable shell, within which there would be a lot of flexibility. There will be a standard section to guide readers to further reading and project information.

Text elements
We would establish an attractive, accessible layout that would be used for all TLRP Improving Practice books. Graphic and textual design features will be used to establish continuity. Text elements should include the following:

  • Activities
  • Tasks
  • Case studies
  • Examples of learner's work
  • Photocopiable templates
  • Questions for reflection
  • Chapter introductions and summaries

It is possible that additional material to enable schools to support or adopt a particular way of working could be set up as a series of powerpoint screens and placed on a linked TLRP website.

Production scheduling
Project teams should start working on the outline of these books before the teams disperse.

Routledge would like to receive proposals for these books in the same format at the Improving Learning series - a completed questionnaire together with further supporting information. This document is available on the TLRP website.

We would like to group publication of these books to maximise promotional work, and the Directors' Team will try to coordinate this though negotiation.

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