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N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

Partnership agreement between the TLRP and the British Education Index (BEI) office - BEI undertakings

The publishing partnership between the TLRP and the British Education Index (BEI) office exists to promote the wider visibility of the work of the Programme and of individual projects. BEI office information services are routinely used by large numbers of researchers within and outside the UK. The BEI office has agreed to represent information arising from the Programme and its projects within the office's various information services, identifying the Programme verbally and graphically, as appropriate.

Following a brief explanation of the nature and purposes of services maintained by the British Education Index office, this paper outlines the specific ways in which those services will support the TLRP through the publishing partnership.

BEI information services

The British Education Index is a subscription database of information about UK literature alerting interested parties to the existence and availability of useful reading matter.

Education-line is a freely accessible database of the full text of conference papers, working papers and electronic literature.

The Education Conference Listings Service presents a freely accessible calendar for education and training related conferences as notified by their organisers and giving information about conference locations, content and contact details.

The Education Conference Programme Service presents freely searchable programmes and event archives for conferences of organisations which sponsor the service on behalf of their delegates and organisation members.

The British Education Internet Resource Catalogue is a freely accessible database of information about professionally evaluated and described internet sites.

BEI information services' initial support for the TLRP

The BEI office will immediately support the Programme as follows:

  • The BEI will carry an appropriate comment about the Programme or its projects within Index references to published texts that originate from the Programme or its projects.

  • Education-line texts that originate from the Programme or its projects will carry an agreed and commonly applied comment about the Programme within the references' note. The TLRP logo will be displayed prominently in retrieved documents (see: , for an early entry to the Education-line database).

  • The Education Conference Listings Service will provide information about all appropriate events which the Programme office or its projects elect to notify to the service. In such cases the service's event entry will carry an agreed and commonly applied comment about the Programme. The BEI office will also make available to TLRP-related sites on request a facility to view the most recent additions to the Listings service within their Web pages (the BEI office will supply the code to enable this facility).

  • The Education Conference Programmes Service will, on receipt of information in an agreed form, produce a searchable programme for Programme or project related events deemed worthy of such treatment by their organisers. The Programme logo and appropriate comments will appear in significantly visible areas of the site.

  • The British Education Internet Resource Catalogue (BEIRC) will provide links to appropriate areas of Programme and project websites not covered by other areas of the agreement. References will include an agreed and commonly applied comment about the Programme or projects.

    The BEI office will provide documentation about submission procedures for all services.

    In addition:

  • The BEI office will ensure the presentation of appropriate information about the Programme and its projects within the PERINE internet resource catalogue. PERINE (Pedagogical and Educational Research Information Network for Europe) is a European Framework 5 project coordinated by the BEI office manager. The project has created a multilingual internet resource catalogue to promote awareness of educational research activity within the project's partner countries, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland and the UK. The catalogue database is accessible through the Database area of the project's website at

    All of the above will be initiated from the date on which the partnership is formally agreed by the TLRP Steering Committee. (From October 2003 carries a provisional announcement about the partnership: this is time sensitive information which will be kept current for three months then visibly archived in the BEI news site: updates will be created whenever appropriate.)

    BEI information services' developing support for the TLRP

    During 2004 the BEI office will be devoting concerted attention to the development of its existing services and to the initiation of new ones, specifically in the context of the presentation of information through an integrated internet portal. The partnership will allow the Programme office and individual projects regular access to the BEI office's decision-making and facilitate their choice of new facilities. The following list reflects current thinking within the BEI office about the medium- to longer-term partnership.

  • The BEI office will map British Education Thesaurus terms to the vocabulary that the TLRP uses to identify the interests of users registered with its website. (The British Education Thesaurus provides the indexing vocabulary for all databases managed by the BEI office.) This will be done to allow for presentation of appropriate information from BEI databases together with TLRP information distributed to those users.

  • The BEI office will offer delivery of appropriate content from its databases through the Web pages of the Programme or projects. In practice, and for example, this will involve the BEI in understanding the interests of a project, creating a search to identify information relevant to that project in, for example, the BEI, BEIRC and Education-line, providing the html to run that search, and supplying that html for inclusion in an appropriate area of the project website. This facility would enable a project site to provide access to
  • further reading
  • about the subject area of the project, for example. (An example of such practice can be seen by using the Search button on the Taylor & Francis Web page for the British Educational Research Journal at The service to the TLRP would be a refinement of this practice, customised to individual project interests.)

  • The BEI office will allow TLRP associates to access an experimental education portal. This portal will be in development during 2004. It is anticipated that the portal will be an authenticating internet environment allowing direct cross searching of databases maintained by the BEI, possibly together with other relevant sources.

    The inclusion of a representative of the TLRP Directorate in a new BEI Advisory Group and of the BEI office manager in the TLRP Thematic Group on ICT for Impact will ensure regular communications between the partners to this agreement.

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