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N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.


All TLRP projects and other research activities should be registered on appropriate websites. Two of the most important are Society Today and CERUK.

The TLRP DSpace repository provides a one-stop shop for registering publications for project annual reports, Regard and CERUK.

DSpace is the open source product of a $1.8 million collaboration between Hewlett-Packard and MIT and made available to TLRP through its links with the University of Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies. DSpace provides a repository to collect, preserve, index and distribute all TLRP digital assets. The DSpace system provides a way to manage these research materials and publications to give them greater visibility and accessibility over time.

When you register your publication you will be asked to upload a digital
copy of the document. Where projects have difficulties depositing whole
documents into DSpace due to copyright restrictions special permission
should be sought from the publisher. The TLRP office will provide support
for this as required. Often publishers will permit the circulation of introductory chapters of books as long as it agreed that their sale will be
promoted in the process. Whenever research users are directed to project publications automatically through DSpace, or by the TLRP office or Directors team, full details will be provided on where to purchase copyright copies (from the publisher and/or Amazon). As a general rule the following priorities apply on all publication deposits to DSpace:

1. Whenever possible deposit the full publication.
2. Where a publisher refuses permission to deposit the full publication,
deposit the published abstract, introductory chapter, or cover image and
back cover blurb.
3. Where all of these options are exhausted please provide your own brief abstract or introduction to the publication.

Full instructions for DSpace here (pdf 36kb)

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