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 Programme Outputs Expectations

N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

Project teams will always create their own engagement and impact strategies. However, the Programme expects the following to be normally included, and will provide direct, tangible support for them.You can download a printable diagram of output expectations here:

  • 'Gateway web pages' on TLRP website (from Start
  • Advisory Groups including user representatives and critical friends from Steering Committee and Directors' Team (within 3 months of Start)
  • Project website (within 6 months of Start and regularly updated)
  • The progressive (as produced) registration of all project
    publications and conference papers in the TLRP DSpace repository.
  • Registration on TLRP database of users with project interests (progressively, with review at least 12 months before End)
  • Media training of a nominated spokesperson (at least 12 months before End)
  • 'Outputs Summit Meeting' with senior Project Directors, members of TLRP Directors' Team, and Media Fellow (approximately 12 months before End)
  • Impact strategy discussions with Media Fellow (at least 6 months before End)
  • 'Improving Learning series' book through Routledge (proposals to Routledge 6 months before End)
  • Identifying 'key findings' (progressively, and making final decisions at least 4 months before End)
  • 'Research Briefings' for policy makers and others (at least 3 months before End)
  • User workshops, seminars or other events (within 6 months either side of End)
  • Pro-active press strategies in consultation with Media Fellow as appropriate (within 3 months either side of End)
  • Journal papers through Routledge or other outlets (progressively)
  • Participation in targeted academic conferences (during and after project as appropriate)
  • Final report to ESRC (3 months after End)
  • 'Improving Learning series' book MS completed (to Routledge within 6 months after End
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