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Routledge Books

N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.



Your answers to these questions will help us to think about your book, and its market potential. (Please continue your answers on a separate sheet where necessary.) This document does not constitute an agreement to publish. Your response will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Please email your response and synopsis to or mail it to Anna Clarkson, Publisher, Routledge, 2 Park Square , Milton Park, Abingdon , OX14 4RN








Why do you think that there is a need for this book? How long would it remain up-to-date? Please provide a brief outline of the current context to your book, explaining if relevant - how and why recent changes may have taken place to make your book more relevant now than ever before.

Please be aware that this information is usually circulated internally to marketing and sales colleagues who may have little experience of your specific field. Its therefore helpful if you could include here what you may consider to be basic information.


•  Please attach a synopsis to this questionnaire, stating the mission and scope of the book. This should include:

•  an overview of the book and a statement of its aim.

•  a list of chapter headings

•  an abstract of each chapter

•  a sample chapter, if available

5. Please indicate the approximate number of printed pages you envisage, (allowing 400 words per printed page) and state the number of line illustrations, photographs, and tables that would be included. State if (and why) colour would be required.

6. Please provide a soundbite (around 300 words) about your book, which could be used on the jacket of the book in order to draw the reader in.


7. Who is the readership for this book, and what background do you expect them to have?

8. If you expect your book to be recommended on university or college courses please provide us with the following additional information:

the course titles an indication of the numbers in which they are run a selection of the institutions which teach them at what level, for eg: vocational/ GNVQ undergraduate/postgraduate/Continuing Professional Development whether your book would be a textbook, essential or recommended reading if possible, an idea of student numbers.

Evidence of a recent increase in the number of courses and/or student numbers is also useful to us, so do provide this if relevant.

9. Does your book have an international appeal? If you think it does, please state why, and in which countries.

10. At what price and in what binding do you think the book should sell?

11. Are there special professional groups, scholarly societies, or other organizations who would have a particular interest in your book? Please list them.


11. Please attach a list of competing books, including author(s)/editor(s), publisher, price, and year of publication.

•  How will your book differ?

•  If you genuinely feel that your book does not have any competition, please provide us with information about comparable or similar titles in the field.



Please attach a brief Curriculum Vitae to this questionnaire, listing previous publications if appropriate.

Please let us know if you are writing from first-hand experience in research and teaching.

Please also provide your full postal address, email address and a daytime telephone number.



14. Publication to an agreed deadline is fundamental to good publishing. When would you expect to be able to submit a complete manuscript? (Please be realistic.)



•  Can you suggest three people from whom we might solicit, in confidence, a review of this proposal. Please supply their names, addresses and email addresses if possible. Please do not suggest anyone who is likely to contribute to the proposed book, anyone who teaches at the same institution as yourself or, if your proposal is based upon your Ph.D. or other postgraduate dissertation, anyone involved in its supervision or assessment.

It would also be helpful if at least one of the suggested reviewers was based outside the UK , particularly if your book is aimed at an international audience.

16. Please share any further information you feel would be useful in supporting this proposal.

Thank you.

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