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Taylor and Francis Journals

N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

TLRP and Routledge
'Publishing Partnership'

The Teaching and Learning Research Project is arguably one of the most important independent, coordinated research initiatives in recent years. Naturally such a large programme is going to generate a considerable number of publishing possibilities. This document outlines the benefits that a 'publishing partnership' with Routledge Books and Journals can bring to the TLRP.

The document is divided into three sections. The first section is about Routledge Books, and includes a brief introduction to the company, as well as information on:

  • Marketing and Promotional Activity
  • Sales Activity
  • E-books and Digital Product

The second section includes a brief overview of the concept of the proposed TLRP's Improving Learning series, which will be published by Routledge.

The third section focuses on Routledge Journals and includes a brief introduction to Routledge Journals, as well as information on:

  • Publishing in Routledge Journals
  • Education Arena
  • Marketing and Promotional Activity

1 Routledge Books


Routledge is the humanities and social science books imprint of Taylor & Francis plc, and has the single largest list of academic Education books in the UK and one of the largest in the world. In addition to size, the Routledge Education list has breadth and depth - we publish academic books based on top-quality research, best-selling undergraduate textbooks for student-teachers, and quality materials for use by teachers in the classroom and throughout their professional development. The list has been firmly underpinned by our philosophy that even our most practical books should be guided and informed by current research.

Routledge also publishes books for other sectors, such as the workplace, management and organisations. TLRP books may be published and marketed within the Business and Management lists, or others, as appropriate.

The benefits of publishing with Routledge are many. We have extensive expertise in our editorial, sales and marketing departments, garnered from many years' experience of producing and selling education books. We have an excellent reputation for the high production and design quality of our books. We also have the additional benefit of being part of a worldwide sales and distribution network, enabling us to sell and market our books on a global scale.

Close liaison with authors is a key part of the way in which we work, from commissioning a project right through to production and marketing of the book. We consult our authors over cover design, back cover blurbs and promotional copy (although final decisions rest with the Publisher).

There will be regular meetings between the Director of TLRP, the Routledge Education Books Publisher and the Routledge Education Journals Publisher to review and coordinate publishing activity.




Routledge Education marketing and promotional activity comprises of direct mail, advertising, conference attendance, internet marketing, academic calling by sales representatives, review copy coverage, sampling initiatives, academic roadshows and extensive international sales representation across the globe:

Direct Mail

  • Catalogues
    Routledge Education now produces two annual catalogues: Education Research and Scholarly Books and Practical and Professional Books. This means we can supply a catalogue of our key titles containing only those books of interest to our two main markets, enabling the consumer to access the information they need with ease. The Education Research and Scholarly catalogue is designed for researchers and educators who are keen to know about the latest cutting-edge concepts and leading thinking in education. The Practical and Professional catalogue focuses on research-informed books for use in schools and as part of continuing professional development. Some books will benefit from coverage in both catalogues, including our course Textbooks for students.

    Books published for other sectors, such as the workplace, business and management are promoted in the Routledge Business catalogue.

  • Promotional mailings

    The books published in the proposed new TLRP series (see pages 6-7 of this document) will be featured on the most appropriate Routledge Education leaflet, depending on subject area and sector. These leaflets are mailed extensively in the UK - to the schools and post-compulsory markets where appropriate. Our overseas sales agents will also receive quantities of these leaflets, tailored to their own unique geographical needs. This enables customers to order the books from their local supplier rather than

    incurring international postal costs. Our coverage is global, with every area of the world covered by our agents (please see page 5 of this document and the sales agents listing in the back of the Education catalogues for further details).

Author Flyers

All authors and editors receive their own stock of flyers about their book for personal use. These flyers are designed specifically for editors and authors to use at conferences and exhibitions/seminars.

Databases and Marketing Information

Routledge Education uses a selection of databases for its direct mail campaigns, including an in-house customer database containing thousands of up-to-date names. We also have comprehensive lists of thousands of authors and contributors, who are regular recipients of targeted direct mail and monthly author emails.

Website and Internet Development

The Routledge Education website has been specifically designed as a 'one-stop-shop' for educationists, academics, lecturers, teachers and students. Viewable at, this site features a host of resources and information including:

- Online catalogue of all our frontlist and backlist titles

- Key Titles for a particular year

- Series information and listings

- New Textbooks site going live in early 2003, to include 'Student Zone' and Lecturers'

- Information Zone'

- Related links

- Journals link

- Resource Centre providing a host of valuable information for the busy teacher, lecturer and student

The Routledge Education website can also be accessed through the Education Arena, a one-stop portal for cutting-edge global educational research aimed at researchers, teachers and students. This arena was launched by Taylor & Francis in 2001. Please see page 9 of this document for more details.


Routledge Education advertises in the academic and professional press in a diverse range of publications. We also have the added advantage of advertising within the great number of Routledge Education journals, enabling us to target most areas of the education market.


Our conference and exhibition attendance is varied, international and wide-ranging - from small meetings attended by our authors, to larger association-related conferences such as AERA, BERA, BELMAS, EARLI and ECER. Our Conference and Exhibitions Department work in conjunction with the marketing team to organise and attend exhibitions and conferences - whether it is using a manned stand, a tabletop display, an insertion into delegate packs or providing authors with promotional material or copies of the book.

Review Copies

Every book published by Routledge Education has an extensive review copy campaign allocated to it. These are put together using our in-house media database, research undertaken by the Marketing Executive and in liaison with the author. Each campaign is tailored to the needs of each individual title.

Academic Roadshows

This new initiative started at the beginning of 2002. In consultation with course leaders in leading UK universities, we will arrange to showcase our leading Textbooks and Readers to the department staff and students. This gives lecturers the opportunity to look at actual copies of the books and they can request inspection copies from our representatives on the spot.

Publicity Department

Where a title has newsworthy content, every effort is made to publicize the book. The marketing team work with the Company Publicity Manager to obtain publicity for newsworthy titles in a variety of media - the broadsheets, magazines, TV, radio, the academic press, and also on book launches where relevant.


Routledge Education has access to an extensive team of experienced sales representatives working throughout the UK . This team combines excellent trade and bookshop liaison with targeted academic calling. The sales team provides an integrated service to the book trade, which goes much wider than just visiting bookshops. It includes:

Seasonal Catalogue

This group-wide New Books Catalogue is produced six times a year and mailed to every trade account in the UK . It includes comprehensive information on each new title including market, contents and key selling points of every book. This enables bookshops to make informed choices on all new books, even if they are unable to see our sales representatives.

Advanced Book Information Sheets (ABIs)

Every new book gets an ABI which is mailed to all bookshop accounts before publication. This includes more comprehensive information than is included in the Seasonal Catalogue, with full contents, previous publications by the author, and more detailed market information.

Academic Calling

The UK and International sales departments pursue a proactive academic-calling programme. This includes visiting lecturers and colleges when out on the road, and also, when office-based, using the phone and Internet to search out Heads of Departments to follow up inspection copy requests and secure adoptions of textbooks on courses.

Marketing Liaison with the Trade

The sales department actively liaises with bookshops with regard to organising window displays, special promotions and book launches.


Order processing, warehousing and distribution is provided through the TPS processing centre, which has won the College and University Booksellers Association 'Golden Parcel' Award for ten years (this is awarded by the book trade for the most efficient publisher in distributing books during the key academic season). This enhances our global presence and generates an excellent relationship with booksellers, agents and book purchasers alike.

International Sales

Routledge Education benefits from a network of experienced and highly regarded agents throughout our overseas markets. This enables our books to get worldwide exposure. We have access to a team of sales representatives based in the London office who visit extensively throughout the European territories and who do targeted 'virtual calling' to overseas universities and bookshops from the office. We have a sales and marketing team in the Taylor & Francis offices in New York . And, we have agents in Japan , East and South-East Asia, South Asia, Korea , Australasia, Africa, the Middle East and North Africa , Israel and the Palestinian Territories , and Central and South America .

Our overseas representatives and agents use the same key strategies as specified above for the UK team - Seasonal Catalogues, ABIs, Core Stock Lists and Academic Calling.



Routledge/Taylor & Francis is at the vanguard of new technology in publishing and will be one of the first academic publishers in the world to have its entire product available as 'e-books'. Digital dissemination of information will enable us to provide the reader with a choice of how they receive their books - be it in paper form, or digitally, whole books, parts of books, single pages - and will increase accessibility worldwide to quality educational and academic information. This also means that no book should ever go out of print again if it is available in digital form.

Discussion about enabling students to purchase their textbooks in e-book format from their local campus bookshop is taking place with the key book chains. This would mean:

" almost immediate delivery of information anywhere in the world to people who may not normally purchase our books because of the difficulty in delivery - ideal for those students undertaking distance or flexible learning;

" academics and course leaders will be able to tailor their reading lists more effectively and their students will be able to purchase chapters of books if not all the book is relevant for them;

" students will be able to create their own 'virtual desktop' or 'research book', filing away books for specific research projects they are working on. Specific facts, lines or paragraphs can be 'highlighted' for future reference or revision.

The TLRP series, published by Routledge, would be simultaneously available as ebooks and paper books.

2 TLRP book publications


It is appreciated that researchers involved in the TLRP will want to generate many publications from their research material. Three types of publication will be supported by Routledge.

A. Improving Learning series,

Routledge will publish, in association with the TLRP , a series of 'gateway' books aimed at users - e.g. teachers, LEA advisers, FE and HE tutors, workplace trainers, etc. Entitled the Improving Learning series, the books will be practical in focus and underpinned by the TLRP research. This is a major focus for the partnership.

B. supplementary books, primarily for academics

TLRP researchers may also wish to publish higher-level supplementary books based on their research. Editors at Routledge Education would be delighted to consider for publication all book proposals. These would be standalone titles outside the Improving Learning series. However, those accepted for publication by Routledge would carry covers that reflect elements of the series cover design and the logos, which would engender a sense of TLRP branding.

C. Improving Practice Series

Routledge Education also has a growing number of A4 books containing practical and/or photocopiable material for education practitioners. We would be delighted to hear from researchers who are looking to develop and publish such material. Elements of the cover design and logos for the Improving Practice would again be used to engender a sense of TLRP branding.


Series adviser

The Series Adviser (Professor Andrew Pollard ) and TLRP Directors will work with authors writing for the Improving Learning series to agree on a series structure, to which all books will relate. This will ensure a level of cohesion between the books and help with recognition and branding of the TLRP publications. When this has been agreed, authors writing for the Improving Learning series will be asked to present their work within this structure.

The Improving Practice Series will be more flexible.

The Series Adviser and other TLRP Directors will be the first point of call for authors writing for the both series. They will comment and advise on all book proposals before they are submitted to Routledge. They will also read final versions of the manuscripts before delivery to the publishers, and suggest revisions where necessary.

Improving Learning book format

It will be important for the books to have an identifiable series style, and for this reason there will be a format for all books in the Improving Learning series, including:

" An agreed series structure (as above)

" A target word length that is no longer than 65,000 words

" Text elements, such as boxed introductions, case study description boxes, chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading

" Series cover design, which will incorporate the TLRP 'lozenge' and logos

Improving Practice book format

The format of these books will be flexible to accommodate many practical materials. Maximum length will be 35,000 words. Please see more detailed guidance on the website.


All book author teams will be offered a rate of 5 (five) per cent payable on net receipts for the paperback and hardback editions up to 750 copies sold. The rate to 1000 sales will be 7.5 (seven point five) percent and will then rise to 10 (ten) percent. The authors will decide on how the royalty is divided within the team. As an incentive to encourage authors to deliver their manuscripts on the contracted submission date, we can offer a £200 advance on their royalty payment, payable on delivery and acceptance of a manuscript within the Improving Learning series.


Routledge will be responsible for the entire production process from receipt of manuscript to final product. This will be at our own expense and to our own in-house style and design, although we will make every effort to incorporate the TLRP's design, where appropriate.


The Improving Learning series will benefit from the marketing and sales activity outlined in Section 1 of this document.

Please note that promotion of a series can be maximised if at least three or four titles are published in a similar timeframe. Therefore we would like to publish the first cluster of books from Phase I of the Project within the same three-month period, providing there are no delays outside our control. Authors of the books should be aware of the impact that delays with manuscript submission will have on the other titles and the Improving Learning series as a whole. While we will always try to make up time within the production schedule, this may not always be possible.

Making contact

Anna Clarkson will be the first point of contact for all authors writing for the Improving Learning series. As soon as book proposals for the Improving Learning series have been discussed with the TLRP Directors, authors should send them to Anna Clarkson. Anna will pass book proposals to the Routledge Business Editor, where appropriate.

All book proposals will be sent out for review by at least two other experts in the field (reports commissioned and paid for by Routlege). We will also need a detailed endorsement from the relevant TLRP Director and/or series adviser. Reviews will be shared with the authors and redrafted proposals submitted where appropriate.

All book proposals will need to be sanctioned for publication by the Editorial Committee, in the usual way. Routledge Education editors will discuss all proposals with the authors and appropriate TLRP Team Directors, but the final decision on which books will be published within the series will remain with Routledge.


3 Taylor & Francis Journals



Taylor & Francis has been publishing peer-reviewed journals for over two centuries. Starting with the Philosophical Magazine, the company expanded the range of journals into science and engineering. Today, under its Routledge imprint, Taylor & Francis globally publishes over 100 education journals, including British Educational Research Journal, Comparative Education, Gender & Education, and International Journal of Science Education.

Education is, arguably, the most significant of the journals programmes defined by subject within the Taylor & Francis Group.


Whilst publication in journals has to be subject to standard peer-review systems, the Routledge journals editorial team (under Ian White) is happy to advise researchers and potential Special Issue Editors, as to which would be the most appropriate journal for research findings arising from the TLRP. However, the ultimate decision to publish will, however, lie with the individual academic journal Editors. In respect of successful publication of papers arising from the TLRP project, all journal articles or Special Issues arising from the TLRP that are published by Routledge journals will carry the TLRP logo prominently. It is important for authors to ensure that their work is clearly linked with TLRP.


Although it is a pre-condition of publication that copyright is assigned to a journal's copyright owner, nothing in the standard copyright transfer agreement, which authors are required to sign is intended to restrict an author's rights. For example, authors themselves retain the right to reproduce their own paper in any volume of which the author acts as editor or author, subject to acknowledgement and citation. As a courtesy, Routledge requests that authors advises it of such reproduction, and that authors fully acknowledge and cite the journal as the original source of publication. Requests for the reproduction of articles, in part or in full, arising from the TLRP project will be handled sensitively by Routledge.

New Journal Projects

Routledge is always prepared to consider new journal projects, and would welcome such a proposal from the TLRP. Should the TLRP wish to submit a full proposal, it should be noted that it would benefit from association with the world's leading publisher of journals in education and educational research.

TLRP and Routledge have agreed to further support the TLRP by establishing hypertext links from abstracts of published papers, (to be held in ‘D-Space’) to Routledge’s full-text online service.

Electronic Journals

Every journal in the education programme is published in both print and electronic format. Electronic journals are available to institutional subscribers, via secure, online registration systems. This helps to ensure a largest academic audience for journals as possible, within a secure and manageable framework.

Education Arena

In 2001 Taylor & Francis launched the Education Arena, a one-stop online portal for cutting-edge global educational research aimed at researchers, teachers and students.

Drawing on a combination of the expertise of our Editors and our knowledge of the education market, Education Arena represents a comprehensive site containing links to vitally important resources relevant to a significant and growing online academic community. The portal provides a search facility across all articles in the Routledge journals programme, enabling easy retrieval of relevant research. The Arena is interactive in several sections, visitors are for example, encouraged to submit links and join in debates on our Interactive Zone. The same opportunity can be offered to participants of the TLRP.

In addition to direct access to the education books website and online catalogue (detailed on page 3 of this document), features of the Education Arena include:

• Journal special offers

• Journal sample articles

• Online journals, including archive research, full text search and online article ordering

• Guide to academic conferences, learned societies and bulletin boards

• Job news

• Author resources, including electronic submission and article status reports

• New Journal title news

Links to the British Education Index's EducatiOnline service are already in place on many journal websites within the Education Arena.

Education Arena is situated at

TLRP Links to Education Arena

We do not foresee any problems with draft material being published on the TLRP or project website, prior to publication in either book or journal form. Where publication in book or journal form has already been agreed, a clear reference to the publication should be included. The Education Arena, which has received over 2 million visits per year since it was launched in 2001. A hot-link from the TLRP site to the Education Arena is provided, so that those visiting the TLRP site have access to further information about the books and journals and direct access to its online catalogue.

As the number of books and journal articles from the TLRP has risen, the books and journals marketing departments have organised co-promotion to alert the market of forthcoming publications.


Any journal in which a TLRP article is published has been and will be marketed comprehensively via several multiple channels:

Direct Mail

Each Routledge journal is marketed extensively via printed publicity, primarily a leaflet promoting the aims & scope of the journal, editorial board, recent articles, abstracting & indexing information and ordering information. Direct mail campaigns are targeted internationally to core groups, e.g. sample copy requesters, association memberships, conference delegates, readers of competitor journals, librarians, researchers and academics in the subject area.

In addition, Journals are included in generic subject cluster leaflets, for example, Special Educational Needs, Higher Education, Education Technology & Science and Education Research. Cluster leaflets are primarily circulated at all key conferences, by insertion in delegate's wallets or display on conference exhibits.

Special Offers

Many journals in the Routledge education programme are made available at a discount to target groups, e.g. delegates at a relevant conference, members of an organization etc. Special offers are promoted electronically and via printed flyers created on a bespoke basis. Additionally, many incentives are given to personal subscribers to encourage trial and adoption, particularly of new titles. The Education Arena contains a 'Special Offers' section, which enables visitors to get details of selected special offers and to order online. Journals publishing TLRP- sponsored articles have been and can be promoted at special rates to persons or groups participating in TLRP.


Each journal has a dedicated page on the website. The page includes information about the aims and scope of the journal, editorial board, notes for contributors and bibliographic details. Visitors to the journal page can have access to tables of contents for issues previously published. Visitors to the site can search the journals list by subject area or alphabetically and can sign up to an email contents alerting service or to receive a free online sample copy. Each journal homepage contains a 'links of related interest' section, which could provide a direct link to TLRP project information.

Scholarly Articles Research Alert

SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting - is a service designed to deliver by email, tables of contents for any issue of a Routledge/Taylor & Francis-published journal to anyone who has requested the information. This service is completely free of charge and alerts can be received by keyword, title, sub-category or main category.

There are currently 75,000 SARA registrants choosing to receive contents in advance of publication. All article titles published on behalf of the TLRP will be made available via the SARA service.

For more information on SARA please visit


Routledge journals marketing techniques are being developed to cater for an increasingly online user market. Electronic initiatives are targeted more effectively to a more captive and responsive audience. As mentioned earlier, special offers are actively promoted via the web and have yielded promising results.

In addition, all online sample copy requesters are systematically followed up with an offer to subscribe to the journal they have sampled at a discount. This again has proved a successful method of making research available to individuals.

Other e-marketing projects include targeted email to conference delegates where Routledge had an exhibit, encouraging trial of journals which were most popular at the conference.

Finally Routledge markets selected journals electronically at discounted rate via websites of affiliated associations. This builds a mutually beneficial relationship between Routledge and important learned societies.


On an ongoing basis, Routledge journals are cross-advertised via relevant in-house titles. Additionally, competitor journals are approached each year with proposed reciprocal advertising arrangements.

Global Cross-promotion

The Routledge books and journals divisions within the UK and US offices communicate regularly and plan marketing activities to maximize synergy. Currently books are promoted as 'Resources of Related Interest' on all education journal leaflets and, conversely, journals are advertised in all education books catalogues, cluster leaflets and where possible on individual mailing pieces. The TLRP Programme would provide an ideal opportunity to cross-promote journals and books in printed publicity, via the web and email. TLRP-sponsored research findings, successfully published in Routledge journals will benefit from inclusion in extensive, annual marketing campaigns.


We provide extensive exposure of our journals at international conferences on a constant basis. Our conference presence ranges from large exhibitions, with several company representatives attending, to inserting a leaflet in delegates' wallets. Education journals are represented at over 300 conferences annually across the list.


In addition to all the benefits of forming a 'publishing partnership' with Routledge, the Publishers will provide £500 sponsorship towards hospitality at the TLRP Annual Meeting. In addition to this, we will pay a 1% royalty (based on net receipts) to the TLRP on all books published within the Improving Learning series. This money will be ring-fenced by the TLRP and used for the benefit of its members.

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