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Taylor and Francis Journals

N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

Taylor & Francis Journals

An Introduction

Taylor & Francis has been publishing peer-reviewed journals for two centuries. Starting with the Philosophical Magazine, the company expanded the range of journals into science and engineering. Today, Taylor & Francis globally publishes over 100 education journals, including British Educational Research Journal, Comparative Education, Gender & Education, and International Journal of Science Education.

Education is, arguably, the most significant of the journals programmes by subject within the Taylor & Francis Group.

Publishing in Taylor & Francis Journals
Whilst publication in journals has to be subject to standard peer-review systems, the Taylor & Francis journals editorial team (under Ian White) are happy to advise researchers and potential Special Issue Editors, as to which would be the most appropriate journal for research findings arising from the TLRP. The ultimate decision to publish will, however, lie with the individual journal Editors. All journal articles or Special Issues arising from the TLRP that are published by Taylor & Francis journals will carry the TLRP logo.

Taylor & Francis is always prepared to consider new journal projects, and would welcome such a proposal from the TLRP. Should the TLRP wish to submit a full proposal, it should be noted that it would benefit from association with the world's leading publisher of journals in education and educational research.

  • Electronic Journals
    Every journal in the education programme is published in both print and electronic format. Electronic journals are available to institutional subscribers, via secure, online registration systems. This helps to ensure a largest academic audience for journals as possible, within a secure and manageable framework.

    Education Arena
    In 2001 Taylor & Francis launched the Education Arena, a one-stop online portal for cutting-edge global educational research aimed at researchers, teachers and students.

    Drawing on a combination of the expertise of our Editors and our knowledge of the education market, Education Arena represents a comprehensive site containing links to vitally important resources relevant to a significant and growing online academic community. The portal provides a search facility across all articles in the Taylor & Francis journals programme, enabling easy retrieval of relevant research. The Arena is interactive in several sections, visitors are for example, encouraged to submit links and join in debates on our Interactive Zone edited by Ted Wragg.

    Features of the Education Arena include:

  • Journal special offers
  • Journal sample articles
  • Online journals, including archive research, full text search and online article ordering
  • Guide to academic conferences, learned societies and bulletin boards
  • Job news
  • Author resources, including electronic submission and article status reports
  • Book resources, including full listing of our titles
  • New Journal title news

    Education Arena is situated at

  • TLRP Links to Education Arena
    We do not foresee any problems with draft material being published on the TLRP website, prior to publication in either book or journal form. Where publication in book or journal form has already been agreed, a clear reference to the publication should be included.

    Taylor & Francis is happy for the TLRP website to be hot-linked to the Education Arena, which has received over 2 million visits since it was launched in 2001.

    From the main arena site, visitors are directed to the RoutledgeFalmer homepage and online catalogue, where they will be able to order the books.

    Marketing and Promotional Activity
    Any journal in which a TLRP article is published will be marketed comprehensively via several multiple channels:

  • Direct Mail
    Each Taylor & Francis journal is marketed extensively via printed publicity, primarily a leaflet promoting the aims & scope of the journal, editorial board, recent articles, abstracting & indexing information and ordering information. Direct mail campaigns are targeted internationally to core groups, eg. sample copy requesters, association memberships, conference delegates, readers of competitor journals, librarians, researchers and academics in the subject area.

    In addition, Journals are included in generic subject cluster leaflets, for example, Special Educational Needs, Higher Education, Education Technology & Science and Education Research. Cluster leaflets are primarily circulated at all key conferences, by insertion in delegates wallets or display on conference exhibits.

    As the number of books and journal articles increases, the books and journals departments will organise co-promotion to alert the market of forthcoming publications.

  • Special Offers
    Many journals in the Taylor & Francis education programme are made available at a discount to target groups, e.g. delegates at a relevant conference, members of an organization etc. Special offers are promoted electronically and via printed flyers created on a bespoke basis. Additionally, many incentives are given to personal subscribers to encourage trial and adoption, particularly of new titles. The Education Arena contains a 'Special Offers' section, which enables visitors to get details of selected special offers and to order online. Journals publishing TLRP sponsored articles could be promoted at special rates to TLRP members.
  • Website
    Each journal has a dedicated page on the Taylor & Francis website. The page includes information about the aims and scope of the journal, editorial board, notes for contributors and bibliographic details. Visitors to the journal page can have access to tables of contents for issues previously published. Visitors to the site can search the journals list by subject area or alphabetically and can sign up to an email contents alerting service or to receive a free online sample copy. Each journal homepage contains a 'links of related interest' section, which could provide a direct link to TLRP project information.

  • Scholarly Articles Research Alert
    SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting - is a service designed to deliver by email, tables of contents for any issue of Carfax, Martin Dunitz, Psychology Press, Routledge, Spon Press or Taylor & Francis journals to anyone who has requested the information. This service is completely free of charge and alerts can be received by keyword, title, sub-category or main category.

    There are currently 68,000 SARA registrants choosing to receive contents in advance of publication. All article titles published on behalf of the TLRP will be made available via the SARA service.

    For more information on SARA please visit

  • e-marketing
    Taylor & Francis journals marketing techniques are being developed to cater for an increasing online-user market. Through experience, we know that electronic initiatives are targeted more effectively to a more captive and responsive audience. As mentioned earlier, special offers are actively promoted via the web and have yielded promising results.

    In addition, all online sample copy requesters are systematically followed up with an offer to subscribe to the journal they have sampled at a discount. This again has proved a successful method of making research available to individuals.

    Other e-marketing projects include targeted email to conference delegates where Taylor & Francis had an exhibit, encouraging trial of journals which were most popular at the conference.

    Finally Taylor & Francis market selected journals electronically at discounted rate via websites of affiliated associations. This builds a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and important learned societies.

  • Advertising
    On an ongoing basis, Taylor & Francis journals are cross-advertised via relevant in-house titles. Additionally, competitor journals are approached each year with proposed reciprocal advertising arrangement.
  • Global Cross-promotion
    The Taylor & Francis books and journals divisions within the UK and US offices communicate regularly and plan marketing activities to maximize synergy. Currently books are promoted as 'Resources of Related Interest' on all education journal leaflets and, conversely, journals are advertised in all education books catalogues, cluster leaflets and where possible on individual mailers. The TLRP project would provide an ideal opportunity to cross-promote journals and books in printed publicity, via the web and email.
  • Conferences
    Taylor & Francis provide extensive exposure of our journals at international conferences on a constant basis. Our journals presence ranges from large exhibitions, with several company representatives attending, to inserting a leaflet in the delegates wallet. Education journals are represented at over 300 conferences annually across the list.

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