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N.B. TLRP generic project work ended in September 2009. The below information is for reference only.

Registering your User Organisation contact details - Explanatory Notes

TLRP is strongly committed to maximising user-engagement throughout the research process - from the development of initial ideas, to the dissemination of results. Registering your key organisational contacts will ultimately help us to enable your research to reach the widest and most influential audience of both practitioners and policy-makers. We can keep your contacts informed of TLRP events, invite them to participate in activities such as Thematic Groups, send them the Programme newsletters and other information resources.

For more information please see the brief introduction on our web page 'Users' .

We have already asked each project to register key organisational contacts, and many have now done so - thank you. If you haven't yet done so, the following notes may help (and please refer to the Registration page, see below):

1. We don't need all your organisation contacts, just a dozen or so named contacts that are most closely associated with your project as 'engaged' or 'significant' users (=who may wish to use your research in the future), ie those people you work most closely with or who have expressed a particular interest in your project or in TLRP as a whole, and who might like to receive invitations to TLRP events, newsletters and other information in the future.

2. In order to enter this information on our database and link your user organisations to your project, we need full information about each of your contacts. The website Registration form is now live. You can either enter the information directly into this online form, one for each contact, or use the form as a template for supplying us with full details of each of your contacts by Word, Excel or Email. Please note that Mac Users have experienced problems with this online form.

3. The Registration form contains most of the headings needed for the database. However, there are some extra pieces of information we need as noted below.

4. Wherever possible, please supply the URL of the organisation so that we can access its mission statement and further details as needed.

5. However, it would greatly help us if you could supply as much of the information as you can, whether these fields are marked mandatory or not - for example, supplying phone numbers and email addresses for your contacts is invaluable as many websites don't have staff lists.

6. Enter zero into the newsletter boxes if you don't have this information.

7. In the notes field at the bottom of the form, please tell us whether this organisation is:
                             a) an Engaged User
                             b) a Significant user or
                             c) an Other user

- according to the level of their engagement with / interest in your project.

8. If your contact prefers to use their home details, please add these in to the appropriate fields but specify in the Notes field that this a home address / contact details.

9. Please fill in as much as you can from the drop-down lists of Organisation Types, Sectors and Personal Interests and Expertise as on the web page, but leave blank if unknown.

10. As a project person entering your user information on behalf of your key organisation contacts, you will need to:

  •   Click the 'TLRP Project' radio button at the foot of the page;
  •   Type in your name (as in the inputter, in case we need to contact you);
  •   Select your project from the drop-down lists underneath it so that we can correctly link your project to the organisation.

    11. If you have any queries or if anything isn't clear, please contact Sarah Douglas in the TLRP office.
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