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Supplementary Inter-Project Activities -

Support was available to project teams and others funded by TLRP who wanted to meet together to share problems, explore theoretical ideas, build capacity, develop partnerships or whatever else could be justified in terms of meeting project and Programme objectives. Subject to the availability of funds and the merits of proposals, support was available for one-off or series of events. Across the whole Programme, the annual budget for this form of support was some £7000.

Applicants were asked to discuss ideas with, and submit their application to their critical friend from the Directors' Team. Applications did not need to be elaborate but had to: involve at least two projects/CDAs/networks/RTFs/etc.; have specific objectives and outputs; justify eligible costs; be made at least one month in advance of the event. Early applications as part of a planned programme to maximise synergy between projects were particularly encourged.

The eligible costs were limited to travel, subsistence and meeting rooms for TLRP participants. Programme support covered half of the justified costs and did not normally exceed £1000 per event. A short report on the event was required, and a version of this was sometimes be published in the Bulletin for the interest of other colleagues.

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(MS Word format, 38K)

If applications were approved, the maximum amount of available support was then confirmed. All expenses incurred were paid from project funds as usual, but each project then invoiced TLRP directly for their proportion of the agreed amount.

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