Welcome to TLRP Practitioner Applications

The materials in this section suggest ways of applying research insights in practical classroom settings.  Produced by CUREE (Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education), they draw on TLRP projects and other research findings.  They are structured by Andrew Pollard's handbook, readings and website on 'reflective teaching' (see http://www.rtweb.info/).   

The resources are likely to be of particular interest to those teaching in, or training for, formal school settings.  In due course, it is hoped to provide more specific materials in relation to early years, further, higher and adult education.

This provision reflects the TLRP Steering Committee's commitment to knowledge transfer and impact.  In creating this facility, TLRP acknowledges the contributions of the Reflective Teaching Editorial Board (Janet Collins, Mandy Maddock, Neil Simco, Sue Swaffield, Jo Warin, Paul Warwick and Andrew Pollard) and the publisher of the printed materials (Continuum).  We also gratefully acknowledge the work of CUREE in producing 'research tasters' and of Richard Procter in developing the web interface which has made this presentation possible.

This material is subject to copyright protection. However, it may be reproduced free of charge without specific permission, provided usage is for non-commercial, educational purposes. Material must be reproduced accurately and should not be used in a misleading context. Where material is issued to others, its source and copyright status must be acknowledged. For full copyright conditions, please see: http://www.rtweb.info/copyright.html