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     Northern Ireland Extensions

A Values-based Approach to Teacher Education (2005 - 2007)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Prof. Alan Smith (University of Ulster)
Prof. Anne Moran (University of Ulster)
Mr Alan McCully (University of Ulster)
Ms Linda Clarke (University of Ulster)


Project Summary

This research investigated the area of values in Initial Teacher Education (ITE), induction and early professional development (EPD) within the context of a government review of the future of teacher education in Northern Ireland (NI). Additional challenges for teacher education were created by other key developments. These include a government commitment to abandon academic selection at age eleven by 2008, and a proposed new curriculum that places greater emphasis on values and skills-based learning, personal, social and health education, and citizenship. The NI e-learning strategy is well advanced with important implications for teacher education.

This three-year research programme tracked a representative sample of PGCE students through induction and their first year of EPD. The proposal included testing of innovations in each of the three phases of the NI partnership model of teacher education, which have more widespread relevance for adopting a values-based approach to teacher education and development.

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