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Early Years and Foundation

INTERPLAY: Play, Learning and ICT in Pre-school Education; Plowman and Stephen (2003-2005 )

The Effective Pre-School and Primary Education (EPPE 3-11); Sylva, Melhuish, Sammons, Siraj-Blatchford, and Taggart (2003-2008)



Primary Education



Home-School Knowledge Exchange in Primary Education; Hughes, Feiler, Greenhough, Osborn, Pollard and Winter (2001-04)

Learning Scientific Concepts in Classroom Groups at Key Stage 1; Hodgkinson (Research Training Fellow) (2001-06)

The Role of Awareness in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2; Nunes, Bryant and Hurry (2001-04)

ACTS II: Sustainable Thinking Classrooms; McGuinness and Sheehy (2001-2003)

Supporting Group-work in Scottish Schools; Christie, Topping, Tolmie, Livingstone and Howe (2003-04)

Provision for Gifted and Talented Pupils at Secondary Transfer; Brookes (Research Training Fellow) (2002-07)



Secondary Education



Towards Evidence-Based Practice in Science Education; Millar, Leach, Osborne and Ratcliffe (2000-03)

InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age; Sutherland, Robertson, and John (2001-04)

From Black Boxes to Glass Boxes: Computerised Concept Mapping in Schools; Bevan (Research Training Fellow) (2002-06)

Facilitating teacher engagement in more inclusive practice ; Davies, Howes, Carroll, and Farrell (2005-2007)



Across School Phases



Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning: Process, Impact and Outcomes; Rudduck, Arnot, Fielding, McBeath, McIntyre, Myers, and Reay (2000-03)

Pupil Voice: History and Implications for Teaching and Learning; Flutter (Career Development Associate) (2000-03)

Understanding and Developing Inclusive Practices in Schools; Ainscow, Booth and Dyson (2000-03)

Improving the Effectiveness of Pupil Groups in Classrooms; Blatchford, Galton and Kutnick (2001-04)

Learning How to Learn, in Classrooms, Schools and Networks; James and McCormick (2001-05)

Lessons for Learning: Using Research Study Lessons to Innovate; Dudley (Research Training Fellow) (2003-07)

5-14 Mathematics in Scotland: The Relevance of Intensive Quantities; Howe, Nunes and Bryant (2003-05)

ICT and InterActive Teaching: Kennewell, Thomas, Thorpe, Parkinson, Beauchamp, Tanner, Jones and Norman (2005-2007)

Consulting Pupils on the Assessment of their Learning (CPAL) Leitch, Lundy, Clough, Gardner and Galanouli (2005-2008)

Variations in Teachers' Work, Lives, and their Effects on Pupils (VITAE) Day, Stobart, Sammons, Kington and Gu (2001-2005)



Further and Post 16 Education



Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education; Hodkinson, Gleeson, James and Postlethwaite (2001-05)

Using Research to Enhance Professionalism in Further Education; Goodrham (Research Training Fellow) (2001-06)

Learning in Community-based Further Education; Gallacher, Crossan and Mayes (2003-05)

Literacies for Learning in Further Education; Ivanic, Barton, Edwards and Breen (2003-06)

Policy, Learning and Inclusion in the Learning and Skills Sector; Coffield, Hodgson and Spours (2003-06)

Bilingual Literacies for Learning in Further Education ; Martin-Jones, Ivanic, Chandler (2005-2007)

Learning and working in Further Education in Wales; Jephcote, Salisbury, Roberts, and Rees (2004-2007)



Higher Education



The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning in Promoting Evidence Based Practice; Newman (Career Development Associate) (2000-03)

Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses; Hounsell and Entwistle (2001-04)

What is Learned at University: The Social and Organisational Mediation of Learning; Brennan, Jary, Richardson and Osborne (2004-07)

Disabled Students' Learning in Higher Education; Fuller, Healey, Hurst, Riddell and Wareham (2004-07)

Learning to Perform: Instrumentalists and Instrumental Teachers; Mills, Burt (2004-07)

A Values-based Approach to Teacher Education Smith, Moran, McCully and Clarke (2005-2007)

The social-cultural and learning experiences of working class students in highter education; Crozier and Reay (2005-07)

Non-participation in HE: Decision - making as a n embedded social practice; Fuller, Dyke and Foskett (2005-07)

Degrees of sucess: The transistion between VET and HE; Hayward and Ertl (2005-07)

Learning and teaching for social diversity and difference; Hockings and Bowl (2005-07)

Widening participation in higher education: A quantitative analysis; Vignoles, Goodman and Machin (2005-07)

Keeping open the door to mathematically-demanding FE and HE programmes; Williams, Davis, and Wake (2005-07)

Universal Access and Dual Regimes of Further and Higher Education; Parry, Bathmaker, Brooks and Smith (2005-08)

Investigating Musical Performance (IMP): Coparative Studies in Advanced Musical Learning; Welch, Duffy, Potter, Whyton (2006-08)



Workplace Learning



Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace: Rainbird, Evans, Hodkinson and Unwin (2000-03)

Early Career Learning at Work: LINEA; Eraut, Maillardet, Miller and Steadman (2001-04) (formerly: Learning During the First Three Years of Postgraduate Employment)

Learning as Work: Teaching and Learning Processes in the Contemporary Work Organisation: Felstead, Ashton, Bishop, Fuller, Jewson, Lee and Unwin (2003-08)

Understanding the System: Techno-mathematical Literacies in the Workplace: Hoyles and Noss (2003-07)

Enhancing 'Skills for Life': Adult Basic Skills and Workplace Learning: Wolf, Evans, Bynner and Jupp (2003-07)

Learning in and for Interagency Working: multiagency work in Northern Ireland ; Gallagher, Daniels, Kilpatrick (2005-2007)

Globalisation and Skill Formation Strategies of MNCs: A Comparative Analysis ; Brown, Lauder, Ashton (2004-2006)


Professional Learning


Competence-based Learning in the Early Professional Development of Teachers; McNally, Boreham, Cope and Stronach (2003-07)

Vicarious Learning and Teaching of Clinical Reasoning Skills; Cox, Lee, Varley and Morris (2004-06)

Learning in and for Interagency Working; Daniels, Edwards, Creese, Leadbetter and Martin (2004-07)



Lifelong Learning



Learning Lives: Learning, Identity and Agency in the Lifecourse; Biesta, Field, Goodson, Hodkinson and MacLeod (2003-07)

Identity and Learning; Pollard (2005-2007)

Older people and lifelong learning: choices and experiences ; Withnall and Thompson (2000-2002)



Technology Enhanced Learning



Transforming perspectives: technology to support the teaching and learning of threshold concepts; Carmichael, Johnstone, and Robinson (2006-07)

Personalised learning with Haptics when Teaching with Online Media, PHANTOM (2007 - 2011) Cox, Wilson, Reyonlds, Hindmarsh, Harwin

Supporting sign language users through technology enhanced learning; Glauert (2006-2007)

Authoring as acting: exploring embodied interaction in game authoring environments for children; Good, du Boulay, Mares, and Robinson (2006-2007)

Workplace personlised learning environments for the development of employees' technical communicative skills; Hoyles, Brown, Magoulas, Poulovassillis, and Noss (2006-2007)

Merging cognition and technology to enhance learning in the field; Martin, Dror, and Clark (2006-2007)

MiGen: Intelligent Support for Mathematical Generalisation; Noss, Poulovassilis, Hoyles, Magoulas, Winters, Kahn

Exploring e-learning and communication tools for improving children's language usage in social interactions: EchoeS; Porayska-Pomsta, Pain, Good, Walker, Keay-Bright, and Lemon (2006-2007)

Personal Inquiry (PI): Designing for evidence-based enquiry across formal and informal settings of learning Sharples, Scanlon, Ainsworth, Benford, Conole, Crook, Jones, Littleton, O'Malley, Mulholland (2007-2010)

Personalisation of learning: constructing an interdisciplinary research space; Solomon (2006-2007)







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