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Northern Ireland Extensions


Learning in and for Interagency Working: multiagency work in Northern Ireland (2005 - 2007)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Prof. Tony Gallagher (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Prof. Harry Daniels (University of Birmingham)
Dr. Rosemary Kilpatrick (Queen’s University, Belfast)


Project Summary

The aim of this projects was to enhance the interaction between agencies dealing with young people at risk of exclusion from school. It built upon and extended an existing TLRP project on interagency working based in the University of Birmingham.The rationale for a Northern Ireland extension was that problems in interagency working are as relevant to Northern Ireland as other parts of the United Kingdom and that it provides a different context in terms of the range and responsibilities of agencies, and greater community sector involvement.

The project was based on the theoretical framework provided by Activity Theory which was extended and developed by the Birmingham team. This framework highlights the distinctive conditions of interagency working and the need to develop processes of expansive learning in conditions of co-configuration.

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