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TLRP was made up of over a hundred investments including:

TLRP’s first projects started in January 2000 and the the 'generic phase' (consisting of a wide-ranging portfolio of projects) ended in September 2009.

The specific Technology Enhanced Learning projects began in 2007 and this phase continues to 2012.

Project list by sector
Early Years and Foundation
INTERPLAY: Play, Learning and ICT in Pre-school Education
Effective Pre-School and Primary Education (EPPE 3-11)
Primary Education
Home-School Knowledge Exchange in Primary Education
Learning Scientific Concepts in Classroom Groups at Key Stage 1
The Role of Awareness in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2
ACTS II: Sustainable Thinking Classrooms
Supporting Group-work in Scottish Schools
Provision for Gifted and Talented Pupils at Secondary Transfer
Secondary Education
Towards Evidence-Based Practice in Science Education
InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age
From Black Boxes to Glass Boxes: Computerised Concept Mapping in Schools
Facilitating teacher engagement in more inclusive practice
Across School Phases
Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning: Process, Impact and Outcomes
Pupil Voice: History and Implications for Teaching and Learning
Understanding and Developing Inclusive Practices in Schools
Improving the Effectiveness of Pupil Groups in Classrooms
Learning How to Learn, in Classrooms, Schools and Networks
Lessons for Learning: Using Research Study Lessons to Innovate
5-14 Mathematics in Scotland: The Relevance of Intensive Quantities
ICT and InterActive Teaching
Consulting Pupils on the Assessment of their Learning (CPAL)
Variations in Teachers' Work, Lives, and their Effects on Pupils (VITAE)
Further and Post 16 Education
Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education
Using Research to Enhance Professionalism in Further Education
Learning in Community-based Further Education
Literacies for Learning in Further Education
Policy, Learning and Inclusion in the Learning and Skills Sector
Bilingual Literacies for Learning in Further Education
Learning and working in Further Education in Wales
Higher Education
The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning in Promoting Evidence Based Practice
Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses
What is Learned at University: The Social and Organisational Mediation of Learning
Disabled Students' Learning in Higher Education
Learning to Perform: Instrumentalists and Instrumental Teachers
A Values-based Approach to Teacher Education
The social-cultural and learning experiences of working class students in higher education
Non-participation in HE: Decision - making as an embedded social practice
Degrees of success: The transition between VET and HE
Learning and teaching for social diversity and difference
Widening participation in higher education: A quantitative analysis
Keeping open the door to mathematically-demanding FE and HE programmes
Universal Access and Dual Regimes of Further and Higher Education
Investigating Musical Performance (IMP): Comparative Studies in Advanced Musical Learning
Workplace Learning
Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace
Early Career Learning at Work: LINEA
Learning as Work: Teaching and Learning Processes in the Contemporary Work Organisation
Understanding the System: Techno-mathematical Literacies in the Workplace
Enhancing 'Skills for Life': Adult Basic Skills and Workplace Learning
Globalisation and Skill Formation Strategies of MNCs: A Comparative Analysis
Professional Learning
Competence-based Learning in the Early Professional Development of Teachers
Vicarious Learning and Teaching of Clinical Reasoning Skills
Learning in and for Interagency Working
Learning in and for Interagency Working: multiagency work in Northern Ireland
Lifelong Learning
Learning Lives: Learning, Identity and Agency in the Lifecourse
Identity and Learning
Older people and lifelong learning: choices and experiences
Technology Enhanced Learning
Transforming perspectives: technology to support the teaching and learning of threshold concepts
Personalised learning with Haptics when Teaching with Online Media (HapTEL)
Supporting sign language users through technology enhanced learning
Authoring as acting: exploring embodied interaction in game authoring environments for children
Workplace personalised learning environments for the development of employees' technical communicative skills
Merging cognition and technology to enhance learning in the field
MiGen: Intelligent Support for Mathematical Generalisation
Exploring e-learning and communication tools for improving children's language usage in social interaction (EchoeS)  
Personal Inquiry (PI): Designing for evidence-based enquiry across formal and informal settings of learning  
Personalisation of learning: constructing an interdisciplinary research space
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