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Welsh Extensions


ICT and InterActive Teaching (2005 - 2007)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Dr Steve Kennewell (University of Wales)
Dr Gerran Thomas (University of Wales Aberystwyth)
Dr Richard Thorpe (University of Wales Aberystwyth)
Dr John Parkinson (Swansea Institute of Higher Education)

Dr Gary Beauchamp (University of Wales Swansea)

Dr Howard Tanner (University of Wales Swansea)

Ms Sonia Jones (University of Wales Swansea)

Mr Nigel Norman (University of Wales Swansea)


Project Summary

The research compared the effect on learning and attainment of effective teaching methods with and without the use of ICT by teachers and pupils. Pairs of teachers of similar age range were supported in using research evidence to design interactive teaching appproaches to difficult topics in science, mathematics and languages across the age range 3-14 and in a variety of different schools.

After establishing baseline data concerning teacher thinking and pupil knowledge in the topics chosen, one teacher of a pair used an approach with ICT, and the other will use an approach without ICT. The classroom activity was analysed using tools to probe the interactions which generate learning, and the teachers were asked to reflect on the episodes in order to help analyse the activity and to develop their pedagogical thinking. Post-tests were be carried out so that gains in attainment could be compared statistically and learning could be compared qualitatively between the two approaches to teaching.

Conclusions were drawn concerning the effect of ICT on learning and attainment, concerning the role of ICT in supporting good interactive teaching, and concerning the process of developing teachers’ pedagogy with ICT. There was a particular focus on factors specific to Wales, including support for Welsh as the main language of classroom interaction when ICT is used and the role of interactive teaching with ICT in the Foundation Phase. The project was designed to help build research capacity concerning teaching and learning in Wales.

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