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Northern Ireland Extensions


Consulting Pupils on the Assessment of their Learning (CPAL) (2005 - 2007)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Dr Ruth Leitch (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Ms Laura Lundy (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Prof. Peter Clough (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Prof. John Gardner(Queen's University, Belfast)
Ms Despina Galanouli (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Dr Stephanie Mitchell (Queen's University, Belfast)
Dr Oscar Odena (Queen's University, Belfast)

Project Summary

Consulting Pupils on the Assessment of their Learning (CPAL) sought to understand the possibilities, processes and consequences of pupils in primary and post-primary schools participating more fully in identifying and assessing their own learning. It extended the existing TLRP Network Project (Phase 1) Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning: Process, Impact and Outcomes, based at the University of Cambridge in a Northern Ireland context but with a distinctive focus on the pupil voice in the assessment of their learning. It focussed specifically on the involvement of key stage 2 pupils in the development of Annual Pupil Profiles (part of the system replacing the 11+ Transfer Tests) and on the means for engaging and consulting pupils in the assessment of their learning through Assessment for Learning approaches in the classroom

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