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Welsh Extensions


Bilingual Literacies for Learning in Further Education (2005 - 2007)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:



Prof. Marilyn Martin-Jones (University of Birmingham )
Dr Roz Ivanic (University of Lancaster)
Dr Daniel Chandler (University of Wales Aberystwyth)


Project Summary

This research focussed on the use and development of bilingual literacies as Welsh-speaking students participate in Further Education (F.E.) courses. It investigated the interaction between ‘informal’ vernacular literacy practices (reading, writing and uses of texts, in different languages and modalities, and involving different technologies) and bilingual practices entailed in the more ‘formal’ institutional settings of post-compulsory education. The main aims were: (1) to identify actual and potential ‘border’ literacies which are pivotal to learning in a digital age; (2) to incorporate these literacies into the design and implementation of a bilingual curriculum development project. The research was conducted in close research partnership with staff in one F.E. college in North Wales . It extended the existing TLRP project on 'Literacies for Learning in Further Education' to a bilingual context, opening up opportunities for incorporating new comparative dimensions to the empirical work and new opportunities for theory-building (e.g. extending the notion of ‘border’ literacies). The research was particularly timely since a strategic framework for the consolidation and extension of Welsh-medium and bilingual provision within the post-16 sector in Wales was being put in place at the start of the project.

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