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     Phase I Career Development Associates:
      The Historical, Political and Pedagogic Significance of Pupil Voice (2000 - 2003)

Ms Julia Flutter (Homerton College, University of Cambridge)

Project Summary

This study was integrated with the Phase 1 Network Project, Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning (for further information see
It has contributed to the overall Network Project in Project 6 'Breaking New Ground' which supported schools in developing strategies for pupil consultation and pupil participation.
The Meta Study has focused on building a coherent analysis of the growth in interest in 'pupil voice' by charting and explaining its growth in recent years, both within the UK and internationally. Experts from various fields have contributed to this study in a seminar series focusing on three themes:

• Changing constructions of children and childhood;

• Developing a language for thinking and talking about learning;

• Pupil voice and democracy in schools

Summaries of the Meta Study seminar series can be obtained from:
Nichola Daily, Network Project Secretary, Faculty of Education (Homerton site), University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB2 2PH; email
Accounts of the work in Project 6 schools are included in the Network Project newsletters 'Communicating...' (these can be downloaded from the Network Project website


Julia Flutter (2002) Thinking and talking about learning, Teaching Thinking, 7 (Spring issue), 42-47
Jean Rudduck and Julia Flutter (in press) Improving Schools, Involving Pupils, Continuum Press
Julia Flutter and Jean Rudduck (forthcoming) Pupil Consultation: What's in it for schools? Routledge/Falmer.

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