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     Phase II Research Project
      Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Prof. Phil Hodkinson (University of Leeds)
Prof. Denis Gleeson (University of Warwick)
Dr. David James (University of the West of England) and
Dr. Keith Postlethwaite (University of Exeter)

Prof. Gert Biesta (University of Exeter)


Initial Project Summary

The research was based upon a partnership between four universities and four further education (FE) sector colleges from the North, Midlands and South of England. 16 FE learning ‘sites’ provided the focuses for an intensive examination of educational practice, learning and learning cultures by means of a four-year longitudinal study. The principal aims of the project were to deepen understanding of the complexities of learning; identify, implement and evaluate strategies for the improvement of learning opportunities; and enhance practitioners' capacity for enquiry into FE practice.

The partnership involved close collaboration between FE- and university-based researchers and FE teachers, students and managers and was integrated with existing communities of practice, with the object of strong impact on the practice of those involved.

The project was backed by an elaborate dissemination plan supported by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA). Project activities and outcomes were reported to practitioners, managers and policy-makers within and beyond the four selected FE colleges through local, regional and national workshops, seminars, conferences and publications.

Opportunities for participation were extended to an expanded network of practitioners, managers and policy-makers. They researched their own practices using ideas developed within the project, and operationalised, experimented with and evaluated the themes identified by the project teams. Their insights were fed back into the on-going work and thinking of the college-based project teams and the project as a whole.

Note: Professor Martin Bloomer of the University of Exeter, died in November 2002.  He was one of the original Directors of this project, and his unique contribution will be greatly missed.

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