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     Phase II Research Project

Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Dai Hounsell (University of Edinburgh)
Noel Entwistle (University of Edinburgh)
Charles Anderson (University of Edinburgh)
Adrian Bromage (University of Coventry)
Kate Day (University of Edinburgh)
Ray Land (University of Coventry)
Velda McCune (University of Edinburgh)
Erik Meyer (University of Durham)
Jennifer Nisbet (University of Edinburgh)
Nicola Reimann (University of Durham)


Initial Project Summary

This project was been designed to support 28 course teams in 15 departments involved in undergraduate teaching, in thinking about new ways of encouraging high quality learning. The collaborative research was underpinned by research into the quality of student learning and how it is influenced, not just by teaching and assessment, but by the whole teaching-learning environment. The project focussed on five contrasting subject areas: biological sciences, economics, electronic engineering, history, and media and communications.

The project team came from the Universities of Edinburgh, Durham and Coventry, around which the collaborating institutions tend to be clustered. A range of courses or modules were identified in each subject area and the researchers worked closely with each course team to analyse learning aims and outcomes in relation to their student intake. A focus of the study was on the constructive alignment between aims and the whole teaching-learning environment: in other words, on the match between the course teams' intentions and students' everyday learning experiences.

Ways of improving provision were explored with course teams, based on conceptual frameworks being developed through the research, and tailored to the specific subject areas. The effects of the changes introduced were investigated and reviewed with the course-teams involved. Methods of managing change effectively were also identified and discussed, prior to extensive dissemination through the LTSN and its subject teaching centres.

Project Website:

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