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     Phase II Research Project

Early Career Learning at Work: LINEA

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:



Prof. Michael Eraut (University of Sussex)
Prof. Frederick Maillardet (University of Brighton)
Prof. Carolyn Miller (University of Brighton)
Mr. Stephen Steadman (University of Sussex)


Initial Project Summary

Prior to this project, there had been little direct evidence of what is learned in the early years after graduation, the best way to facilitate this learning, or how university knowledge is adapted to practical situations. This project investigated three groups of graduates (accountants, engineers and nurses) through their first three years of full-time employment, examining the factors affecting their learning and approaches to improving the management and support of learners.

The accountants were developing job competence and working for professional qualifications, the engineers were working towards Chartered Engineer status and the nurses were engaged mainly in post-qualification learning to develop their expertise.

Research partners included the Institute of Electrical Engineers, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, City University (Barts) and a number of employers of accountants, engineers and nurses.

The outcome for user groups such as employers, professional bodies and government, was evidence-based recommendations for the management and support of these learner groups, and advice for staff who carry that responsibility.

For teachers of professional/vocational education, the outcome was much better evidence on the transition from higher education to work, how and what HE acquired knowledge is used, and what is learned in the workplace; and a discussion of its implications for the relevant HE programmes.

For researchers in teaching and learning, fuller and more theorised accounts of the research were communicated, together with implications for employers, higher education and other sectors of education.

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