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     Phase II Research Project
      Learning How to Learn - In Classrooms, Schools and Networks

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Prof. Mary James (Institute of Education)
Prof. Robert McCormick (Open University)
Dr. Bethan Marshall (King's College London)


Initial Project Summary

This research and development project aimed to advance both understanding and practice of learning how to learn in classrooms, schools and networks. More specifically it aimed to:

  • Develop and extend recent work on formative assessment (assessment for learning) into a model of learning how to learn for both teachers and pupils.
  • Investigate what teachers can do to help pupils to learn how to learn.
  • Investigate what characterises the school in which teachers successfully create and manage the knowledge and skills of learning how to learn.
  • Investigate how educational networks, including electronic networks, can support the creation, management and transfer of the knowledge and skills of learning how to learn.
  • Attempt to develop a generic model of innovation in teaching and learning that integrates work in classrooms, schools and networks.

The four year project involved four universities, Cambridge, Reading, The Open University and King's College, London, working in partnership with schools in five LEAs (Oxford, Medway, Hertfordshire, Redbridge and Essex) and two Virtual Education Action Zones. Development work was monitored and changes in learning processes and outcomes were measured using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Accounts of the relationships between interventions and outcomes were developed using a theorised audit trail approach.

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