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     Phase II Research Project

The Role of Awareness in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Prof. Terezinha Nunes (Oxford Brookes University)
Prof. Peter Bryant (Oxford University)
Dr. Jane Hurry (Institute of Education, University of London)

Initial Project Summary

Learning involves a mix of conscious and subconscious processes; people handle language and calculation without always being able to explain how. This project aims to improve the learning of literacy and numeracy in primary schools through understanding how implicit and explicit knowledge is used by pupils and teachers. It will provide important evidence for raising attainment through national literacy and numeracy strategies.

The research will compare the effectiveness of implicit and explicit teaching for developing literacy and numeracy skills in an experimental situation. It will test whether the children can use these skills to handle problems and assess their awareness of their knowledge. It will then examine whether the best teaching methods remain effective when children work in groups. Finally, teachers will transform these methods into classroom activities and assess their efficacy.

The project will also investigate with teachers whether they are more effective if their own knowledge is explicit rather than implicit. First, it will evaluate the connection between teachers' explicit knowledge, their teaching methods and pupils' performance. Secondly, teachers will be supported in developing their explicit knowledge and any consequent changes in their teaching monitored. The project will then examine different models of teacher training and their impact on children's learning.

There will be an on-line INSET programme about results of the study. Teachers will play a strong role in communicating results through a website, seminars and the creation of a virtual learning community.

Project Website:

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