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     Phase II Research Project

InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:



Prof. Rosamund Sutherland (University of Bristol)
Dr Susan Robertson (University of Bristol)
Dr Peter John (University of Bristol)

Initial Project Summary

The project will examine the ways in which new technologies can be used in educational settings to enhance learning. The research centres around the design and evaluation of longitudinal teaching and learning initiatives using new technologies such as computers within the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Music. It is also concerned with learning which cuts across traditional subject disciplines and with the contexts and conditions that best support these initiatives. It will investigate the relationship between home and school use of new technologies such as computers by learners and teachers.

The research is a partnership between teachers, researchers, teacher educators and managers, working across the primary, secondary and FE sectors. The first phase will focus on the collaborative design and refinement of teaching and learning initiatives and the development of research instruments. Rigorous research and evaluation of learning which emanates from the designed initiatives will follow, taking into account the wider influences on the learning and organisational context. The project will analyse similarities and differences between subjects in both teaching practices and students' approaches to learning through new technologies.

A major outcome will be to identify the ways in which research and the systematic use of evidence can be transformed and developed to be of value to teachers and learners. The findings will be communicated by researchers and teachers to a wide range of people who can use them to enhance practice in teaching and learning through ICT.

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