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     Scottish Extensions

INTERPLAY: Play, Learning and ICT in Pre-School Education (2003 - 2006)

This project has now completed. Major outputs include:


Dr Lydia Plowman (University of Stirling)
Dr Christine Stephen (University of Stirling)


Project Summary

This project was associated with the Phase II project ‘InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age’. It was developed in collaboration with Learning and Teaching Scotland, a government-funded agency which develops the curriculum and the role of information and communications technologies (ICT) in promoting learning in Scotland.

The purpose of Interplay was to identify ways of enhancing young children’s experiences with ICT through guided interaction with practitioners, peers and parents. Although there are many manifestations of ICT in nurseries and playgroups, the focus hitherto has been mainly on desktop computers. Using ICT has been seen as a free play activity in which children decide for themselves when and how to use the computer. The culture of pre-school settings values learning through play and child-initiated activities but, in the context of ICT, our previous research showed that this approach can lead to unproductive interactions. Interplay investigated ways of balancing both child-initiated and adult-led activities to enhance the value of encounters with ICT.

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