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ESRC Programme Director's Fellowship



Adding Value Through Innovative Review (2009-2010)

Professor Andrew Pollard Andrew Pollard


Selected outputs:

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This Fellowship is an opportunity to take stock of what has been learned through the Teaching and Learning Research Programme.  

TLRP started in 2000 and embraced over 100 research projects, thematic initiatives, fellowships and other activities.  It was directed by Andrew Pollard from 2002 to 2009.  Projects completing by 2008 covered educational issues across the entire lifecourse and the TLRP also contributed considerably to capacity building in the field. 

The overall goal of the Fellowship is explore and promote TLRP’s contribution to national and international evidence for the improvement of education policy and practice.  Particular themes include:

  • Learning through the lifecourse: synthesising relevant work from TLRP and selected longitudinal cohort studies and thereby exploring an integrated analysis of key factors in learning across the lifecourse. 
  • Enhancing teaching quality: analysing key pedagogic concepts and promoting their practical application amongst UK school teachers and student teachers. 
  • Understanding education holistically: developing TLRP’s attempt to present a holistic understanding of key principles in effective teaching and learning. 
  • Documenting TLRP: recording the challenges, development and outcomes of TLRP as a strategic intervention in an academic field and as an attempt to develop evidence-informed policy and practice within a major public service. 


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