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 Mr Stephen Hodgkinson
 Chemistry Coordinator
 Lewes Tertiary
 College/Tutorial Unit
 Mountfield Road
 East Sussex
 BN7 2HX

 Tel: 01273 480867

 E-Mail: Mr Hodgkinson



Phase II Research Fellowship

      Learning Scientific Concepts in Small Groups in Authentic Classrooms at Key Stage 1 (2001 - 2005)
Stephen Hodgkinson (Lewes Tertiary College)

Project Summary

Pupil groups are found in all UK primary classrooms. In the classroom, groups provide a social context for teaching and learning. There is an extensive research literature on how groups can be used in teaching, and on how to group children. Despite this research, there is little evidence that pupil groups are used effectively in classrooms. And, there is still a debate concerning what defines a 'group', or what constitutes best practice in group work. The potential of small group work to promote effective teaching and learning of science at key stage 1, has not been extensively explored. The central aim of this research therefore, is to identify and characterise the conditions necessary for effective small group work in science at key Stage 1. The project will also evaluate the effect of different aspects of group work on pupil motivation and achievement. The project will focus on schools in East Sussex and consist of four phases. The initial phase will run a Delphi-style study of grouping of pupils within classroom organisation, practice and activities in science. Phase 2 will work in selected classrooms to develop an exemplar programme of group work in science. The third (intervention) phase will evaluate the impact of this programme in a new sample of classrooms. The fourth phase will disseminate science group work skills, methods and resources identified in the research, to practising teachers

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