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Mr Mark Goodrham

English and
The Calderdale College
Francis Street
West Yorkshire HX1 3UZ

Tel: 01422 357357

Project Administrator



Phase II Research Fellowship

      Using Research to Enhance Professionalism in Further Education (2001 - 2006)
Mark Goodrham (Leeds College of Technology)

Project Summary

One of the major aims of this research is to investigate the impact of research upon the changing nature of professional practice and identity in Further Education (FE). The research is undertaken in response to continuing and radical changes apparent within the FE sector. The study will investigate the impact of research in transforming professional practice. A prime focus will be the impact of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) 'TLC' project (Transforming Learning Cultures in FE). The research will focus on part-time and full-time staff, in a variety of FE settings. Case study groups of FE professionals, some of whom have shown an interest in the TLC research, will comprise the sample. A combination of questionnaires and interviews will be used to investigate staff perceptions of their changing jobs, of the TLC research, and of the links between the two. Data will be collected twice, with an 18-month gap, to help deepen understanding, and assess changes in perceptions of professionalism and of the TLC, over time. The research aims to produce guidelines for the more effective utilisation of research, to aid the further improvement of professional practice in FE.

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