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Submission of Full Proposals

Applications may be submitted either electronically 'or' in hard copy form:

Electronic Submission

Applicants are encouraged to submit their full application electronically using the ESRC electronic forms submission service by using the Full Research Programme Forms Editor (RPG (eRP) v 1.7) available from (please ensure that you use the full form editor for programmes). Please read all instructions before downloading this form. If you require technical support on the use of the electronic submission service please contact the helpdesk by telephone (01235 445924) or by e-mail to (please note that this helpdesk can only address technical questions relating to use of the ESRC electronic system, questions regarding ESRC funding rules should be addressed to the ESRC Office). If using the full research programme forms editor, please note that the maximum amount which may be applied for under the Teaching and Learning Programme is £1.25 million (and not £750,000 as stated in the notes for guidance). Please also note that, for this Programme, communication and impact costs may exceed the limit of 5% stated in the application form.

The ESRC electronic submission system, as detailed above, is the only system which may be used for the submission of proposals electronically; applications sent in other electronic forms (e.g. as attachments to e.mails) will not be accepted. Electronic submissions must be despatched to the ESRC for receipt by 1700hrs on Monday 21 October. Please allow sufficient time for the application to be submitted by your institution's registered ‘Despatcher in time to meet the deadline of 1700hrs on 21 October. Hard copies are not required for applications submitted using the electronic submissions system.

Hard Copy Submission

For a word version of the application form contact Mrs Angela Leonard, ETaL, Research Division, ESRC, Polaris House, North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1UJ, e.mail:

If submitting applications in hard copy form, please follow the instructions on the application form and return the original plus fifteen copies to:

The Registrar,
Polaris House,
North Star Avenue,

by Monday 21 October 2002

This deadline will be strictly enforced. Applications postmarked on, or before, the closing date of 21 October 2002 will be accepted but applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted. Faxed applications will not be accepted. It is essential that fifteen copies are included with the original. Please note that on hard copy applications signatures are required from all co-applicants and from the principal applicant's Head of Department and the appropriate authority at the administering institution. Please allow sufficient time to collect all these signatures. Applications will not normally be accepted without all the required signatures. However, in the event of a serious difficulty in obtaining the signature of a co-applicant, applicants should contact the ESRC in advance to discuss the possibility of this being forwarded at a later date.


Please note that incomplete applications or applications not submitted using either the ESRC electronic submission system for full proposals or the correct hard copy full application form, will not be accepted.

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