Application to TLRP

The ILP is primarily associated with TLRP because of its influence on the thinking of Andrew Pollard, the TLRP Director. TLRP’s thematic analysis, particularly in respect of ‘learning through the lifecourse’ has been influenced by some of the concepts developed within the ILP.

For example, the basic analysis of the relationships between identity, learning and social context were applied to higher education in:

  • Pollard, A. (2003) ‘Learning through life - higher education and the lifecourse’, in Watson, D. and Slowey, M. Higher Education and the Lifecourse, Buckingham: Open University Press/SRHE.

As TLRP develops, the central task for the Director's Team is that of synthesising the understanding which has been developed from many projects, and relating this to the wide range of factors involved in teaching and learning, bearing in mind a lifelong dimension. Experience of the ILP will contribute to this work.

Also see the TLRP's Learners through the lifecourse theme