Associated books

This first book is a fore-runner of the ILP and is focused on teacher-pupil relationships and coping strategies in primary school classrooms.

  • Pollard, A. (1985) The Social World of the Primary School, London: Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

Two edited collections providing early arguments for taking children’s voice more seriously are:

  • Pollard, A. (ed) (1987) Children and Their Primary Schools: A New Perspective, London: Falmer.
  • Pollard, A., Thiessen, D. and Filer, A. (eds) (1996) Children and Their Curriculum, London: Falmer.

Two books from the Primary Assessment, Curriculum and Experience project (PACE), the largest study of the impact of the Education Reform Act 1988 on primary education, were influenced by the ILP (which was developed in parallel). They are:

  • Pollard, A. and Triggs, P. with Broadfoot, P., McNess, E. and Osborn, M. (2000) What Pupils Say: Changing Policy and Practice in Primary Education, London: Continuum.
  • Pollard, A., Broadfoot, P., Croll, P., Osborn, M. and Abbott, D. (1994) Changing English Primary Schools: The Impact of the Education Reform Act at Key Stage One, London: Cassell.