Methodological accounts

The most recent methodological resource is a retrospective account written in mind of the contemporary interest in qualitative longitudinal research (QLR) (see the 2004 report to ESRC by Rachel Thompson and Janet Holland). The paper below derives from an ESRC sponsored, follow up seminar held in Leeds with examples of such work drawn from Australia, US and UK.

  • Pollard, A. (2005) ‘The Identity and Learning Programme: A methodological account’. Paper presented to the ESRC international seminar on Principles of Qualitative Longitudinal Research, 30th September 2005, University of Leeds

Caption: Speakers at the Leeds seminar were: Rachel Thompson (UK) Anya Peterson Royce (US), Johnny Saldana (US), Janet Holland (UK), Bren Neale (UK), Andrew Pollard (UK), Julie McLeod (Australia).

Earlier methodological accounts of the ILP are:

  • Filer, A. with Pollard, A. (1998) 'Developing the Identity and Learning Programme: principles and pragmatism in a longitudinal ethnography of pupil careers', in Walford, G. (ed) Doing Research About Education, London: Falmer Press.
  • Pollard, A. with Filer, A. (1996) The Social World of Children's Learning, London: Cassell. (Chapter 10)