Project Team

Project Leaders

Dr Geoff Hayward, Associate Director ESRC Research Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE)

Dr Hubert Ertl, University Lecturer in Higher Education

Research Officers

Dr Harriet Dunbar-Goddet

Dr Michael Hoelscher

Dr Geoff Hayward  

Geoff Hayward is a University Lecturer in Educational Studies, Associate Director of the ESRC Research Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) and a fellow of Kellogg College. Geoff was originally a research biologist, but after undertaking post-doctoral work at the University of Liverpool he decided to become a science teacher in the Further Education sector in Wakefield District College. He was a founder member of the Bath/Macmillan post-16 science education project which led to the publication of a large number of text books. Before returning to Oxford in 1993, Geoff taught at the Liverpool Institute of Higher Education where he worked with primary school teachers as they implemented the science National Curriculum. Originally appointed as a science teacher educator, in 1998 Geoff was seconded to work with the ESRC Research Centre SKOPE, becoming Associate Director of that centre in 2003.

It was during his five years at Wakefield District College that Geoff became interested in vocational education, and the relationship between formal education and the world of work. It is this interest that he is pursuing through his work in SKOPE. His research revolves around two sets of problems:

Both of these are undertaken as part of a larger research team at the University of Oxford that includes colleagues from the Department of Education, the Department of Economics and the Centre for Criminological Studies. Geoff's work involves using both qualitative and quantitative methods, and his work on learning is informed by socio-cultural theories of cognition and situated learning. He currently supervises 10 research students working in the area of skill formation and use, vocational learning and VET policy. In addition, he teaches the statistics component of the department's Masters Degree in Educational Research methodology.

In the last three years Geoff has directed or co-directed the following projects:

He is currently co-directing:

Dr Hubert Ertl  

Hubert Ertl is a University Lecturer in Higher Education and a Fellow of Linacre College. He is the course leader for the MSc degree in Higher Education. His research interests are in international aspects of higher education, vocational education and training, EU educational policies, and the transfer processes between education and training and the world of work. He is Associate Research Fellow of the ESRC Research Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) and also involved in research into the development of teachers' competence at German vocational schools; a project conducted in collaboration with the University of Paderborn.

After completing his training in the German dual system of vocational education Hubert did his first degree in business studies, vocational education and English at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat (LMU) in Munich. He then studied comparative and international education at the University of Oxford, where he conducted research into the ways EU-programmes in education and training are implemented in different European countries. This research was part of the EU-funded network PRESTiGE (Problems of Educational Standardisation and Transitions in a Global Environment). He taught at the LMU Institute of Vocational Education and Business Studies (Institut fur Wirtschaftspadagogik) and completed his doctoral thesis on European aspects of vocational education and training. After his doctorate he worked for three years as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Paderborn (Germany) in the area of training teachers for German vocational colleges.

Dr Harriet Dunbar-Goddet  

After completing a DPhil and Post-Doc in psycholinguistics at the University of Toulouse, Harriet returned to the UK in 2003. For the past three years she has been collaborating on research projects on learning and teaching in higher education at the Oxford Learning Institute.

Harriet joined the Department of Education in August 2006 to work on the qualitative part of the Degrees of success: The transition between VET and HE project. She also retains her association with the Learning Institute where she acts as a tutor on the Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Dr Michael Hoelscher  

Michael Hoelscher has a background in sociology and cultural sciences. He did his DPhil at the Free University Berlin on the topic of "Economic Cultures in the Enlarged EU". As a research assistant he taught different courses at the undergraduate and graduate level in the Department of Cultural Sciences, Leipzig University.

For two years now he has been concerned with Higher Education Research, first at the Institut fuer Hochschulforschung (HoF) Wittenberg and since August 2006 at the Department of Education at Oxford University. He is working on the quantitative part of the Degrees of success: The transition between VET and HE project.