Development Projects

As the project has progressed, the rising profile of the Sakai VRE has led to its being used beyond the ten pilot projects. Other teams, groups and seminar series within the TLRP have begun to use it to support their collaborative activities ad to manage user engagment and dissemination. The recent call for participation in the ESRC/EPSRC research programme on Technology-Enhanced Learning was managed through the VRE.

The British Educational Research Association (BERA) is also tracking the project and one of its SIGS (Special Interest Groups) is using a specially-configured Sakai worksite in their own evaluation.

Two further projects have used the VRE in novel ways, integrating other applications into the Sakai framework:

ESRC Qualitative Demonstrator Scheme: Building an Online Archive of Educational Evaluations

In this project, a Sakai worksite has been enhanced by the addition of a 'Proxy' tool allowing controlled access to a digital repository of multi-media materials related to key educational evaluations. This itself is based on the Fedora digital repository .

DENI/CCEA E-Consultation with Pupils: A Pilot Study

In this project, primary-school pupils in Northern Ireland are involved in piloting and evaluating different means of 'e-consultation' in a project led a team by Queen's University Belfast. The current focus of this consultation is the change to primary-secondary school transition arrangements in Northern Ireland. Sakai is being used to provide a secure environment in which pupils are able to try out different consultation mechanisms including surveys, online chat and interactive activities. More information on this project is available at the QUB Centre for Educational Research Site .