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Journal Special Issues

Cambridge Journal of Education, Group work: still a neglected art? Vol. 39(1)

Journal of Philosophy of Education, Educational research and the practical judgement of policy makers 42(s1) [2008]

Educational Research, Education and neuroscience: evidence, theory and practical application Vol.50(2) [2008]
Research Papers in Education, Challenges of diversity for widening participation in UK Higher Education, 23(2) [2008]
Cambridge Journal of Education, Knowledge transformation and impact, (38) 1, [Mar, 2008]
The Curriculum Journal, Curriculum, Domain Knowledge and Pedagogy, (18) 4, [Dec 2007]
Educational Review, Transforming Learning Cultures in Further Education, (59) 4, [Nov 2007]
International Journal of Research and Method in Education, Quality in Educational Research, (30) 3, [Nov 2007]
Technology, Pedagogy and Education, New Technologies for Capacity Development and Knowledge Creation in Education Research, (16) 3, [Oct 2007]
British Educational Research Journal, The UK’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme: findings and significance (33) 5, [Oct 2007]
Oxford Review of Education, Learning in and Across the Professions, (33) 4, [Sep 2007]

Pedagogy, Culture and Society, Putting Context into Learning, (15) 3, [Autumn 2007]

Educational Review, The Role of Awareness in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy and Numeracy in Key Stage 2, (59) 2 [May 2007]

Journal of Vocational Education and Training, The Impact of Policy on Learning and Inclusion in the Learning and Skills Sector, (59) 2, [2007]

Mind, Culture and Activity, Learning and Technology at Work, (14) 1&2, [2007]

Education Review, Home School Knowledge Exchange in Primary Education, (58) 4, [Nov 2006]

Educational Review, The Potential of Listening to Pupils, (58) 2, [May 2006]

Research Papers in Education, Learning how to Learn, in Classrooms, Schools and Networks, (21) 2, [2006]
Studies in the Education of Adults, Learning throught the Lifecourse: Connecting Identity, Agency and Structure, (39) 2, [Autumn 2005]
Educational Review, Interactive Education, Teaching and Learning in the Information Age, (57) 4, [Nov 2005]
Forum, Student Voice, (43) 2, [Jun 2005]

Curriculum Journal, Learning Outcomes Thematics Group Special Issue, (16) 1, [Mar 2005]

Research Papers in Education, Teacher Learning, (20) 2, [2005]


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