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Summary Evaluation
Use and application of Atlas.ti qualitative computer software package.


Atlas.ti version 4.2 introductory workshop
5 December 2003, University of Birmingham

There were 10 participants at this workshop, led by Dr Christina Silver from the CAQDAS Networking Project based at the University of Surrey. Of the 10 participants, the most common personal objectives for attending the workshop were to ascertain the potential benefits of Atlas.ti to their current or future work (7) and to learn how to use Atlas.ti software proficiently (6). Others suggested that they wanted to ascertain the limitations of Atlas.ti (3) and disseminate their learning to colleagues (2). Of the 8 participants who filled in the immediate feedback forms, 2 were completely satisfied that the course met their personal objectives and no-one was not at all satisfied. While one person commented that not enough information was provided to ascertain whether or not Atlas.ti would prove an appropriate software package, most comments were positive regarding the value of the event, for example, one person stated that "the course has helped me to understand how to manipulate my data more efficiently".

During the event several of the participants talked more precisely about their data collection and analysis needs. One participant who was using photographs as a prompt in interviews, found that Atlas.ti was able to create a cross reference between text and image. Another participant wanted to code sound bites and other multi-media data, and found the program did not satisfy needs. When further questioned this participant suggested that a seminar that provided an overview of a range of different software packages might better meet his project's needs. Observations of the event suggest many of the participants' questions related to multi-media data collection and storage and this may be an area that the RCBN can pursue in further events within their IT-assisted research theme.

The organisation of the event was generally thought to be good, with almost all participants rating it as good or excellent. From the 8 feedback forms returned, 5 rated the trainer as excellent and 3 as good. The room facilities were slightly less popular with 3 participants rating it as only okay. There were three University of Birmingham students at the back of the room working on computers and a comment in the immediate feedback suggested that it may be better to use a more private room on account of the external distractions.

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