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Summary Evaluation
The Intelligent Qualitative Analysis Program


One-day workshop
13 February 2004, Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham, University of Gloucestershire

There were 13 participants at this one-day, interactive workshop, led by Edward Brent, president of Idea Works Inc, Columbia, US, and software developer of the qualitative analysis package Qualrus.

Of the 13 participants, the most common personal objective for attending the workshop was to ascertain the benefits of using the software in their present or future work (7) and to learn how to use it proficiently (4). Another important motivation was to determine whether Qualrus was suitable to use/purchase for the participants’ own work (3), and to compare the software to other CAQDAS packages (3). Participants also sought to be able to disseminate what they had learnt to others (3). Other objectives mentioned by the attendees were: to discuss with those more knowledgeable than them, the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic software as a means of analysing qualitative data; to be better informed for their teaching work and personal development; to deepen their understanding of multimedia analysis and to keep up to date with developments in this type of software.

The trainer demonstrated that he had an extremely thorough knowledge of the application and was able to demonstrate its use and discuss the future development of the program, particularly in relation to multi-media data analysis. It was apparent that the software is continually developed as data sources change, for example, recent development of the program allows webpages to be used directly as data sources. There was interest from one of the participants in coding audio files directly with Qualrus, to avoid the cost and time involved in transcription. One participant claimed that the course “extended my thinking about data beyond the transcript”. Of the 10 participants who completed an immediate feedback form, all were either satisfied or completely satisfied that the course met their personal objectives and no one was not at all satisfied. One participant suggested that “I now feel I know the capabilities of Qualrus”. The trainer was well received by all of the respondents to the immediate event form. One participant, however, did comment that the speaker did not come across as particularly enthusiastic and 50% thought the pace of the event was okay. Another participant suggested that a more ‘critical’ review of the software would have helped to compare with other existing programmes on the market.

Most respondents were satisfied with the organisation of the event, although there were a number of comments regarding the computers that ran out of power before the event had concluded. Other than this technician, Steve Treble was close at hand to deal with technical issues throughout the day, and was particularly helpful dealing with one of the participant’s wheel-clamped car. The RCBN would like to thank Prof Mary Fuller, Steve Treble and Jo Horler from the University of Gloucestershire for helping the day to run smoothly.

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