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Evaluation of all RCBN capacity-building activities is an important feature of our work. This is useful to us in designing, coordinating and providing RCBN activities. It could also be useful for the future development of capacity-building initiatives in research (and education research specifically). For more information about the RCBN Evaluation Strategy and our evaluation forms please click here.

We endeavour to provide summary evaluations of all RCBN activities as soon as possible. More detailed evaluations are available from the RCBN.

Evaluations currently available:

The Educational Future and Qualitative Research: International Perspectives
3 and 4 February 2005, Manchester Metropolitan University

Design and Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials
29 and 30 September 2004, Cardiff University

Situating Qualitative Research in Evidence-based Research and
Systematic Review Agendas
24 June 2004, University of Sheffield

Critical Reading for Self-critical writing:
Introduction to a Structured Approach for Reviewing Literature
27 May 2004, University of Bath

Research Approaches to Revealing Tacit Knowledge
25 May 2004, London

Randomised Trials in Educational Research
20 May 2004, Bonhill House, London

Developing research capacity in qualitative inquiry Seminar
12 May 2004, New Hall, Cambridge University

Using Video in Teaching and Learning Research
29 April 2004, University of Bristol

Designing and Analysing Interviews with Representational Probes
25 March 2004, Institute of Education, University of London

Introduction to Multilevel Modelling
19 March 2004, Charles Wilson Building, University of Leicester

Qualrus™:The Intelligent Qualitative Analysis Program
13 February 2004, Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham, University of Gloucestershire

Longitudinal Research in Education
23 January 2004, Derwent College, University of York

Use and application of Atlas.ti qualitative computer software package
5 December 2003

Qualitative research seminar series (Seminar 1 - 4 December 2003, Manchester Metropolitan University)

Workshop series on Systematic Reviews
(31 March 2003, 2 June 2003, 11 June 2003 and 18 June 2003)

Reference Manager Training
Provided by member of the TLRP

QSR NVivo Software for Qualitative Data Analysis
10 June 2002 and 25 June 2002

Using Archive Data Sources for Teaching and Learning Research
4th June 2003, University of Essex

Introduction to Complex Project Management
20 May 2002

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