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Evaluation report:

Design and Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials
29 and 30 September 2004, Cardiff University

Facilitated by Prof Laurence Moore (Cardiff University), Dr David Torgerson (University of York)


This training workshop was the second in our 2-part series of events on RCTs, following the seminar Randomised Trials in Educational Research on 20th May 2004. The workshop was originally scheduled to take place in London during June, but was postponed after limited interest (particularly from TLRP researchers) despite extensive advertising throughout our own network, and other research organisations and government agencies. The workshop was held in Cardiff with 8 participants, and 3 of these were researchers from the TLRP. In feedback from the workshop one person was disappointed that more did not attend, and another person suggested repeating the workshop because “there are prominent researchers in education who have suggested to me that good and relevant RCTs have not been conducted in education, but the evidence provided by David and Laurence shows that this is not the case…RCTs seem to me to be an important technique for researchers to be aware of.”

Despite low attendance, the workshop was well received by participants. The majority of them felt that the event completely met their personal objectives as well as overall course objectives. One person commented that in the workshop “all aspects of the practical use of RCTs were covered, and it improved my understanding and ability to use RCTs”. One participant claimed that this workshop would facilitate writing a proposal for a RCT within the next two years. Several participants also suggested that they would take back what they had learnt to their organisations, projects and institutions. For example, “I will certainly endeavour to take the techniques learned in this course to my own research and also when I advise/comment on others’ research in my own department”.

Feedback on the organisation of the event was generally positive, although there were several concerns raised about the size and ventilation of the training room.

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