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Participant: Mark Newman

Venue:         Adept Scientific HQ, Letchworth, Herts   

Trainer:       Pam Gunn

Date:         18/02/03

The training day lasted from 9.30am until 4.30pm. Training took place in a custom built training room with PCs for each participant with internet access, and large screen projection of the trainers' PC. The facilities and refreshments were of a good standard. The trainer is a freelancer who was an information specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, so she has some insight into research. The teaching approach was appropriate with explanation followed by demonstration and practice. The training was at a relaxed pace with adequate time given for practice. The trainer did jump between topics abruptly on occasions and had difficulty dealing with the different level of students in the room. She probably paid too much attention to the needs/questions of the more experienced Reference Manager users.

The training would have been more useful to me if I had done it 6 moths ago when I first obtained a copy of Reference Manager. Nevertheless I learnt some useful tips to be more efficient in its use and use features I had not yet mastered. I would recommend the training to new users of reference management software.

The providers can organise customised training days at your site for groups of staff using the software.

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