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Great concern has been raised over the future of educational research and the next generation of educational researchers. This is in part related to the limited nature of research training that new researchers currently have access to. Consequently, focussing upon the needs of new career researchers presents a particular set of demands in relation to their current and future research needs. While there will be considerable overlap with other programme themes (and this relationship will need to be fostered positively) there is a need to identify what particular needs new researchers have and how they need to be delivered.

RCBN Activities (return to top)

2 – 3 December 2004, Life beyond the TLRP: A conference for contract and early career researchers, Edinburgh

The TLRP Research Capacity Building Network (RCBN) invites contract and early career researchers engaged in TLRP projects to a two-day conference to reflect upon the issues affecting research capacity in the current educational research climate, and develop strategies for the future. Please click here for more information about this two-day workshop.

22 October 2003, From research questions to research design, Brighton
Research questions are fundamental to the conduct of social scientific investigation but are often only given cursory attention in discussions of research design and methods. The formulation of research questions is a necessary prerequisite for the conduct of certain kinds of study, yet there is relatively little written about the processes of generating research ideas and formulating, developing and refining research questions. This workshop explores many of these issues and is primarily for new researches (15 places). Please click here for more information about this two-day workshop.

22-23 May 2003, Applying for small grant funding and Introducing quantitative research skills, Belfast
This is a two-day workshop principally for new career researchers. The first day will focus on applying for small grant funding. The second day will then focus on quantitative research in preparing and using such data. Please click here for more information about this two-day workshop.

7 - 8 November 2002, New Career Researchers Conference, Cardiff
This is a 2-day conference for new career researchers that included 6 workshops: the employment of contract researchers; Building a research career; Writing grant proposals; Getting published; The simple role of numbers in research; and Building your own research capacity.
Please click here for more information about the conference, including a list of participants, conference papers and event evaluation.

27 May 2004 Critical Reading for Self-Critical Writing: Introduction to a Structured Approach for Reviewing Literature
1-day workshop, University of Bath, 20 places. Please click here for further information.

September 2004
Life after the TLRP for new career researchers; 1-day conference (Manchester); 20 places

Discussion Board
An on-line discussion board for this RCBN theme has been established. To access this board, please click here.

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Other References

Ali, L and Graham, B. (2000) Moving on in Your Career, A guide for academic researchers and postgraduates, Routledge Falmer

Resources (return to top)

Contract researchers
This page provides links to sites relevant for researchers on fixed term contracts. It contains general information on the Concordat as well as links to University sites for CRS.

Life after the TLRP
This page provides links to sites which advertise jobs in Higher Education institutions. It also links to sites with information on applying for jobs.

Applying for grant funding
In addition to linking to a wide range of funding bodies. This page also links to slides from RCBN presentations on applying for small-scale research funding.

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UK GRAD Programme
The UK GRAD Programme, officially launching on 1 January 2003, provides personal skills development opportunities for postgraduate students through a complete programme of national residential courses (GRADschools).
Any penultimate or final year doctoral student is eligible to attend and if you are an AHRB, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC or PPARC funded student the school is FREE.

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