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This page provides links to sites which advertise job vacancies in Higher Education institutions in the UK and overseas. There are also links to sites which provide advice on the application process.

General information
The Higher Education and Research Opportunities in the UK (HERO) site provides links to universities, colleges and research institutions in the UK. The site also provides information on the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), as well as guidelines for applying for grant funding.

Finding jobs
There are several websites which advertise job vacancies. probably has the most comprehensive listing of academic and related vacancies.

A similar service is offered by and which also allows researchers to post their CV on-line. Many institutions also advertise in The Guardian and The Times Higher Education Supplement.

Jobs abroad provides lists of job opportunities at American institutions. The site also provides links for academic jobs in Canada, Australia and the UK. provides similar information for Australian institutions

Applying for jobs
CSU Prospects offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of the job seeking process, from compiling a CV and drafting a covering letter, to preparing for an interview or taking an aptitude test. provides guidelines on planning and preparing for job interviews.

The University of Strathclyde's Career Service web site is also worth checking out.


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This page was last updated 18th February 2004