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Design and Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

Two-day workshop
29, 30 September, Cardiff University

TLRP Research Capacity Building Network (RCBN)

Facilitators: Laurence Moore (Cardiff University), David Torgerson (University of York)

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** David Torgerson's presentations Arrow Trial Design, Sources of bias in RCTs, Sample Size Issues and Trial Quality,Why do we need Randomsied Controlled Trials are now available for download: **

aim of this two day workshop is to provide an understanding of key issues in the design, analysis and reporting of randomised controlled trials.

By the end of the workshop, participants should:

  • understand when and why randomised controlled trials are appropriate
  • understand and be able to address the key decisions that have to be made when designing and analysing a randomised controlled trial
  • understand the key threats to the internal and external validity of a randomised controlled trial, and strategies to minimise these threats
  • understand the difficulties in successfully conducting a randomised controlled trial, and the limitations of the randomised control trial design
  • understand the importance of reporting key aspects of trial design, conduct and results.

The workshop is specifically intended for those considering that they may wish to undertake a randomised controlled trial in the near or distant future. The workshop will be problem based and participative, and participants will have the opportunity to work through the design of a trial of their choice. There are no prerequisites for attending the workshop, although it will be assumed that participants have a basic grasp of quantitative methods, and a genuine interest in randomised controlled trial methodology.

The cost of the event is free to members of the TLRP, and all travel and other costs can be met by the RCBN for TLRP researchers. For more information about financial support in attending this event please contact the RCBN. For non-TLRP researchers there is a cost of £30 per person. Lunch and refreshments are included.


If you are interested in attending this event then please contact the RCBN or complete a booking form

Full programme details will be posted in the near future.






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